Covid, The Strange Death of Medicine


Friday 7th January 2022, King’s College Hospital, London. The Fascistic Minister of Ill-Health, Mr. Sajid Javid marched in and stood squat, like a Mussolini, sadomasochistic in standard NHS issue gimp mask. It was as if a pimp rolled up with a fine cane and a fur coat to ensure his brothel was in good order. He taunted the huddle of muzzled NHS nurses. So, girls, what do you think of the NHS jab mandate with which I destroy the NHS and scientific reason? Pretty cool, huh? Was it arrogance or ignorance? Should not a right-minded person have begged the ground to swallow him up whole for such faux-pas?

The nurses, stunned, giggled nervously like school-girls. What else could they do when paraded in front of their abusive master and executioner? The truth is they are professional nurses who know the answer. It is an unethical evil. It is political, it is unscientific. But the truth of which they knew, they could not speak. Then, someone spoke, softly. Dr. Steve James, ICU consultant. He did the Englishman’s equivalent of standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square. He politely interjected. In the short, split-second of a narcissistic politician’s photo-call, fuelled by adrenalin, Dr. James slipped an awkward, unpractised left jab which landed like a bomb on the polished chin of his monied opponent. He beseeched the minister (I paraphrase), I’m not happy about that. I have been working on covid ITU since the beginning. I’m unvaccinated, your policy makes no scientific sense. You would have to boost us all every month. I will lose my job, I am not alone. Won’t you reconsider?

And there it was. The sorcerer’s spell was broken. It was as if Toto had pulled back the curtain. Javid would be well advised to institute the focused protection of Great Barrington, or very strictly shield himself from all NHS establishments until at least his April Fools’ mandate. Those nurses will not spare the Wizard of Health next time. No booster on earth will protect him from their wrath.

It was like a scene from Dickensian London. High-bred Oliver Twist, recent prisoner to some rich industrialist’s workhouse. Limpid blue, hungry wide eyes asking innocently, Please sir, I want some more. The uncalculated impudence of it was heroic. As it happens, in 1840 King’s College Hospital was originally opened in the disused St Clement Danes workhouse of Portugal Street, Lincoln Inn Fields. In truth, nothing has changed. In this, the plebeians’ Fourth Industrial Humiliation, unscrupulous, vacuous professional mouthpieces such as Javid continue to represent the interests of the Klaus Schwabs and elite investment companies to the general detriment to humanity. Dr. James is a hero for scientific and medical discourse. Where the NHS and the GMC failed to shut down Drs. Mohammed Adil and Sam White, Dr. James should gird himself for bought-media hit jobs and ad hominem attacks. He should take them as the highest form of compliment.

Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 was re-traumatising for this GP. First, there were the letters confirming unemployment to sensible, rational, hitherto un-jabbed NHS professionals: Your vaccination status is currently ‘undisclosed’. Human Resources invites you to discuss this. Merry Christmas. The perversity of non-medical NHS staff preying on their clinical colleagues who are far wiser on the subject is difficult to bear. It is turkeys voting for Christmas.

Two Archbishops made the news. Desmond Tutu died. He fought apartheid. Welby celebrated like an ordained bull in a china shop by promoting the experimental covid injections. In doing so, he demoted Christianity and endorsed vaccine apartheid. The PM bolstered the unwise man’s message like King Herod. He stoked the Church of Pharma’s unchristian message with his own nativity-themed population-programming, Follow Jesus: JUST GET THE BLOODY BOOSTER. We were in lipid nano-particle-encased, modified mRNA winter wonderland. Peace on Earth and Graphene oxides to All Men!

I worried this Christmas that my recent patient who had suffered a very unusual concurrent arterial limb embolus and pulmonary embolus two weeks post-second jab might also be queuing up at some military tent for a third autoimmune clot-shot. One delivered by an army private with an hour of training and no idea as to his complicity in the crimes against humanity being committed on home soil. He would not aware of the criminal neglect of his being instructed not to wait even 15 minutes before sending the target out to develop anaphylaxis at a bus stop.

Worse still was the return of a ghost of Christmas past. Agent Fear.

Clinically Extremely Vulnerable?

In the week of Christmas, the mother of my 17 year old male patient called. Mother was, understandably, beside herself with worry. She was terrified for her 20 year old son. The 20 year old was ‘Clinically Extremely Vulnerable’ (CEV). The words tripped off her tongue as if she herself had invented the phrase. I had heard it somewhere. It was reminiscent of the pre-jab Terror of March 2020, but I could not fathom why. Furthermore, I appeared to be at least two degrees removed from the actual patient. I had no idea if the younger boy knew what his mother was up to. Her mentioning CEV seemed designed by government to trigger the doctor, but it was all subliminal water under the bridge for me. So, it did not. I disentangled the situation. She was desperate for her 17 year old son to be triple jabbed, in order to protect her 20 year old who had a very historic, repaired congenital heart defect. A healthy heart risked for a repaired one. How was she to know she was unnecessarily risking both her precious sons’ myocardia? Wasn’t it enough to see a pandemic of super fit professional sportsmen dropping like flies? But there was more. She had been refused her request by the local jab joint. She was informed she had to wait for him to turn 18 before he could partake further in the anointments.

She held out the gauntlet to me. Only I could save her eldest. How? It was simple. She had been told only I had the authority to override the government regulations. I had no idea if I did. It had seemed crystal clear I had no real clinical authority left invested in me to independently do anything covid-related. I was not flattered. For once, I was relieved to hide behind what may or may not have been a strict interpretation of Whitehall’s NHS guidelines. Had I refused on principle, giving my own professional reasons, I knew she would instinctively attack my professional status with all the ferocity of a tigress protecting her young cubs. I understood. She did not. I was trying to protect her precious sons, too. They did not need any of these potions, and her forcing the issue had only increased their risk of illness. I cannot properly intimate how upsetting such an encounter is. It is akin to being dared to be complicit with a genocide by the very victims themselves.

Incidentally, one will see from these UK guidelines a fourth potentially immunosuppressive dose is now a real option for those already immunocompromised. It does not seem the medical mandarins can ever see a way out from their self-fulfilling policies.

The Bodysnatchers

Just when one thinks matters could not deteriorate, they do. On return from the Christmas break. I discovered the unsettling answer to the first 17 year old patient in the next patient. A man in his late 20s. He was confused, and worn out. He had spent four days over Christmas agonising over an NHS text message. I could not help him. I had no idea myself. He uttered two unpronounceable drug brand names. He said he was informed he would be called in 24 hours about them, and if not, to call his GP. I urged him to provide more information, so I could help. Again, he dropped those apocalyptic code words. The message from the centralised physician in the sky had gaslit him. He was Clinically Extremely Vulnerable and had recently tested PCR positive. The patient was well and stable on a second line immunosuppressant, nothing too out of the ordinary.

The mother of the first patient and this man had both responded like Manchurian Candidates. Only their amnesiac doctor stood between them and their mission. I probed, anxiously… but what is wrong with you? Nothing, I just have a cold. But are you sure? It sounds like they (whoever they were) want to give you some kind of intravenous monoclonal antibodies. Surely, there must be more? There was not. I made a plan: Let me see for myself and read what has been sent. I planned to assess the patient for clinical sepsis. If there was none, and the patient did in fact have a cold, I would run some bloods, and wait overnight. The same patient two years ago would not have even called me, and I would not have even cared. What the devil was afoot? The patient did not show. I waited, and I waited. Then, more medical dystopia. A receptionist poked a masked face through the door, We’ve moved your patient to the Red Hub. PCR positive. And that was that. The patient had been body-snatched from under my very nose and into the hands of a commercial clearing-centre.

Something about the new normal had changed gear, yet again. Red Hub was another bygone word for me. There was an unnecessary sense of further urgency. Whitehall was ramping up the divide and rule, and the winter terror for the un-mighty omicron. Perhaps the receptionist had arbitrarily decided what to do based on her own fear and internal agenda. I wish she hadn’t. I know what I am doing, it is my bread and butter to balance medical risk and benefit. Even so, why should she be any different to the unions, the teachers, the media, and the transnational corporations? Everyone is medically qualified to decide these days except the medical profession – it no longer dares. I tapped in to the work email and there the answer lay.

The week before Christmas, the local NHS Trust had sent me a triumphant email. It was a Christmas miracle. Two years after the facts of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, they proclaimed a brand new covid concept: early pre-hospital intervention in the community. The authorities had received a festive epiphany: if they allowed treatment of this thing called covid sooner, patients might stand a better chance of recovery. Excited at this state-sanctioned innovation, they began inappropriately bombarding those formerly classed as the ‘shielded’ and still classed as ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ with fearful missives. To paraphrase:

You are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable, you have survived two years of tyranny, three experimental jabs, and several killer variants, but still, you may die. Do not worry, help is at hand. The government cavalry has arrived. If you test PCR positive, even if you are well, we will contact you within 24 hours with regard to two more fast-tracked, inadequately tested and costly treatments. If we don’t, call your GP. You may qualify for click and collect Molnupiravir (aka iverMERCKtin). It is inferior to ivermectin, a cheap generic which you all could have had easy access to two years ago. We ensured you did not. You may also qualify for a one-off, half hour intravenous infusion of monoclonal antibodies called sotrovimab. Good luck”.

Such statements bear hallmarks of an aggressive, premeditated and sophisticated marketing operation. As with the jabs, molnupiravir and sotrovimab only have conditional marketing authorisation under regulation 174 of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012. That is, for temporary use only in certain exceptional situations. This has very arguably never been the case. Even disregarding wrongful covid diagnoses, the 150,000 so-called UK covid deaths over two years are looking somewhat counterfeit. The truer figure is somewhere between 6,00017,000 deaths, according to these two FOIA requests.

In the email, the local NHS Trust celebrated treating its first patient like this. Challenged by the government to warp speed the roll-out, it had arrived, two years and billions of pounds too late to the party. The irony is as colossal as the criminal enterprise behind it. Last month the state would have continued to throw such patients to the dogs. For two years it denied ingenious lateral-thinking doctors from prescribing cheap, effective pre-hospital care. That these patented novel antivirals should follow the zero-liability, touted cure of novel triple gene jabs is a further multiple mockery to humanity and the medical profession. However, nobody seems to notice or care anymore. Who is the invisible, responsible prescribing doctor for this experimental mail-order pill service? It seems the only qualifying clinical examination is a PCR test. PCR is a poor investigation, not an examination, and not a substitute for a diagnosis. The following day I check the patient’s notes. A colleague had dealt with my patient remotely and peremptorily, like an actor reading a script: ‘Qualifies for anti-virals.’ Non cogito, ergo sum.

Taxi Medicine

Next, a 62 year male on immunosuppressants, with ischaemic heart disease and other multiple ailments. Worsening breathlessness for a week, and PCR positive last week. Again, by government mandate, clinically extremely vulnerable. He staggers, tachypneic, into my surgery last but not least. I am shocked (again) – so might he be. He is so clinically extremely profitable that he was simply sent a five day Molnupiravir course in a taxi, again after a mysterious text message. There were dozens of other possible causes for his breathlessness but why not remotely pick the only one that suits the new normal, not the patient? Complex medical care has become like delivering a pizza, but without the legal liability. Had anyone examined him? No. Had he seen anyone? No.

Over Christmas, the veterinary nature of what general practice has become has multiplied. It is less personal with less clinical contact. It makes more distant, speculative decisions and diagnoses with an over-reliance on blood tests, referrals, and scans. There seems a tacit acceptance that the clinical confusion and probable complications caused by jabs and government policy are here to stay, a mere fact of the new regime. Patients have, in the main, accepted this deterioration in care and by doing so effectively sanction the politically-led drop in professional clinical standards. How much more will the majority accept? Will they blindly accept any bodily medical assault without protest forevermore?

The End of Medicine as we knew it

The physician is dead. First fêted by, then flogged, and ultimately bypassed by Pharma. An unwanted, troublesome middleman. The classical physician is surplus to the corporatised equation of health. Our patients walk off with Pharma, hand in hand like a kidnapped infant with a charming stranger. They are on the rebound. Why should they trust medics? We have been abysmal.

The doctor-patient relationship is also dead. Both doctor and patient seem to have somewhat willingly embraced this divorce greased by covid fear. Despite the external and internal inconsistencies of the whole covid narrative, most of my colleagues have put up no fight and joined their nemesis. Many with ideological gusto. Some colleagues with greed. They have happily stuffed their snouts in the trough of the coronavirus financial feeding frenzy at the continued expense of the evermore terrorised patient. One colleague admitted he has made more in private PCR tests in one year than ten years of being a partner in three NHS general practices. He cannot wait to shed the onerous responsibility of holding and maintaining a UK licence to practise medicine. It is distressing how quickly the medical profession unlearned doing the right thing.

If there was any good left in the doctor’s role, it was as a benevolent arbiter for the patient, heavily armed with the shields of medical ethics: physician independence, patient choice, patient confidentiality, informed consent, bodily autonomy, beneficence, justice and primary non-maleficence. Don’t hurt patients. An intelligent advocate stood firm between patient and illness, between patient and the predatory lucre-stained talons of Pharma and industrialised medicine. The medic would sooth patients’ fears and fortify their vulnerabilities. Today, in a tryst with evil, we indulge in the reverse. We peddle fear and connive with exploitative drug barons to push their dangerous, experimental and unnecessary genetic potions. Covid is the friend of Pharma. The people are the enemy, the fodder of the corporate biosecurity state.

It is now not difficult to envisage a world in the near future where no human may legally heal another. For, no commoner must be above the other, nor burden Mother Earth more than the prescribed one score and ten. Reproduction? No longer yours by biological birthright. A natural lifecycle and natural health will be the preserve of the privileged pure genes. For the rest, the Pharma-State-Complex will simply genetically and algorithmically manage the proletariat’s programmed accelerated and profitable decline from birth.

The Rockefeller capture and industrialisation of allopathic medicine in the early 1900s introduced toxins to the masses. It marginalised and suppressed cheap, effective non-allopathic medical systems. It sired the supra-governmental WHO. Then, industry captured sovereign states and governments pimped their populations to Pharma.These factors combine with the current covid-catalysed vaporisation of medical ethics and have led to the complete exposure of the human condition to the grip of Pharma tyranny. It is an unbearable intrusion on communal life for no good reason other than a brutal doctrine of total control through fear. Climate fear, viral fear, resource fear. The message is clear: limited resources mean liberty and vitality must perish. Get your jab. Put up, or shut up and starve. However, there is plenty to go round if we could all just learn to share. If population is critical, it is only through an elite pursuit of industrial practices for dominion and profit.

Perhaps the death of the medic is not so bad with a suitable moral and ethical alternative. But the Pharmaceutical state’s vision is a terrifying prospect. It is not by mistake it overlooks natural immunity. It will not be by mistake when the assumption of being born naturally of good health vanishes, and forced treatment from conception becomes the norm. The brave new medicine does not want ethical doctors. It does not want healthy immune systems. It does not want patients. It wants robots to put jabs in flesh. It wants several pills for every mass media-propagated delusion of an imagined ill.

Covid has specifically been the murder of public health medicine. The absence of public health doctors in the mainstream corona-narrative was mystifying until a senior, and inevitably retired colleague explained in uncommon clarity how the specialty’s norms have been entirely betrayed.

The End of end-of-life care & the Start of mass Euthanasia

The last patient is a frail 82 years. She is a delirious grandmother with end-stage bladder cancer. She has been waiting for a palliative care package since mid-December. The first time the issue can be considered is February 2022. She needs urgent pain relief. She is rather pleased. She thinks she is having a second-coming. Her period has returned. But it is from her bladder. In the same day, two patients on the breadline consult me about going private. They cannot afford it. They are desperate and unwell, they cannot wait. Why does the NHS continue to string them along, while it winds itself down by ten percent more in April? Let these poor souls off the abusive leash. Let them move on from faithful reliance on a perfidious state. Let them realise the political system for what it is. Let them revolt in fury.

It is already an irrational fact that unvaccinated GPs in England, cannot visit care homes to care. For that alone we are the scourge of our colleagues. Yet, the scourge is the deranged government. Even if we wished that personal fact to remain anonymous, it practically cannot. I recall the humiliation in the 1970s and the unnecessary pain of having to squeak ‘free school dinner’ at the school dinner counter, flanked by more-privileged school children. I am reminded of that now. Very soon, tens of thousands of the most ethical and most knowledgeable in the NHS will not be able to walk back into work. We will be disappeared for no good scientific reason at all. Victims of a skilfully curated, arbitrary prejudice. A 21st century medical apartheid sponsored by the inverted archbishop Welby who insists he loves thy neighbour. What is a faith when its head stands for nothing in particular? He should follow this London GP for spiritual guidance.

Euthanasia is another self-fulfilling prophecy of grotesque mathematical modelling overestimations and the psychological techniques of SAGE. If one is terrorised, given no hope and in further severe mental or physical distress because there is no proper access to healthcare, one may well accept being put down. In The Terror of March-April 2020, the state nudged doctors toward covid-centric diagnoses, death certification, and default euthanasia. It facilitated euthanasia by the proscribing of normal access to healthcare. On April 17, 2020, Dr. Luke Evans MP and Matt Hancock talked of it as ‘a good death’. It sounded like a parliamentary death wish. I wrote of my contemporaneous clinical experience of these insane measures. Premature documents such as the wholly unnecessary, so-called ‘death documentNICE Guidance NG163 (published on 3rd April 2020) egged the malfeasance on. At the time, there was an absence of any coherent medical knowledge about COVID-19, so it seems inappropriate to have published specific palliative care covid guidelines. Why assume death was inevitable? The speed at which the government’s radical coronavirus legislation and policies were instantly formulated and implemented beggars belief and deserves intense scrutiny. More so, as it flew in the face of long-standing public health and medical norms.

New Zealand is also unnecessarily prejudicing doctors’ decision-making toward euthanasia in covid by their unnecessary, immoral nudging. When it comes to covid there is a legally-enshrined, state-emphasised choice of euthanasia but no real choice on the experimental serial jab. Imagine the reception to such an announcement had it been made for the flu. Perhaps two years of hypnosis mean there would be no reaction. Anyone who has been very depressed, seriously ill or in serious pain may be aware of the accompanying functional and strangely welcome prospect of death. That is, until you are helped to feel better. If there is no prospect of feeling better, there is every prospect euthanasia will be your only friend. This is the resource-efficient acme of the new medical order.

Your Life in their Hands

As a child, I was obsessed with a television program. My family subliminally fostered the obsession. Serving society remains a guiding family value. The program was called Your Life in their Hands. It inspired me to become a doctor. It showcased the very best of the NHS. Doctors and nurses performed heroic feats of humanity, It presented a noble, caring profession, one always there for you. Now, it is not. It is unrecognisable. It is a plaything of Pharma.

Medical ethics and bioethics have been exterminated with hardly a whimper from the profession. Pharmaceutical medicine makes haste for profits and, with the government’s aid falsely prophesies and forcibly retrofits the truth through bought modelling, opaque, laundered trials and manipulative statistics.

Your lives are now firmly in Pharma’s profiteering hands, at zero liability thanks to your government. You are laid open to it by the state, rendered defenceless by its brutal and irrational policies. Many are extremely grateful for it, yet nothing either has done has helped. Everything they do makes life worse. Why are the majority still entranced?

Medical and legal principles of consent, confidentiality, parental responsibility, child safeguarding, medical ethics, bioethics and human rights lay in tatters in the UK and abroad. This is the government’s doing on behalf of the financial elite. The pillars of our state institutions: the legislature, executive and the judiciary all bear responsibility. Corporate-captured journalism rather than hold each to account props them up.

Every one of the clinical events described herein would normally be subject of a significant event analysis and a commensurate uproar amongst colleagues and the system. Heads would roll, or hang in professional shame. Now, gross negligence is gold standard practice.

Traditional wisdoms

Traditionally, patients have been best served by less is more. The more one rummages for something not there, the more likely one will find it. The more one treats that figment, the more harm and confusion will inevitably result. In general practice I note we are substituting seeing, talking with and examining our patients with unnecessary tests. Specialist hospital consultations are replaced with online consultations, Temporary patient gratification with remote batteries of unnecessary, wasteful tests and misdirected scans without good clinical context often begs more questions than solved and frustrate both patient and doctor in the long run.

Seeing the patient often remains the old and only way out of clinical doubt, but we have become more adept at putting expensive obstacles on that road since covid. It is dangerous and inefficient. Whom are we fooling? Ourselves, while we harm our patients and our profession. In the old normal, most GPs would fight tooth and nail for the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship and regarded the process of a physical meeting for examination as fundamental.

The orthodox way of the NHS was to peddle benign, cost-effective reassurance, not to ruthlessly foment inappropriate anxiety. If it were to, it would be overwhelmed with pandemics of hypochondriasis and polypharmacy at the expense of tackling serious illness, as it is now because of the governmental Munchausen’s by proxy. This is the sick desire to induce fictitious coronavirus illness in all its subjects. The NHS does not need saving from anybody except the government who exsanguinate it to death for commercial profits and tyrannical population control. It has created a brutal, coercive pharmacological hell on earth.

We are in extraordinary times. They are becoming more extraordinary. There is a complete absence of sense and nuance. Emerging data increasingly reassures us about the virus and terrifies us from the jabs, but the government ups the ante on an orgy of continued unnecessary population experimentation and reckless prescribing. It must be the most shameful, shameless and duplicitous episode in all human history. The simple truth is no one has full command of the knowledge, no one really knows. Even if one did, no one has authority to force any substance in another’s body. It is wrong for those who do not know to adopt an uncompromising attitude where there is every reason to compromise and backtrack.

This winter the elderly have been double loaded with flu shots and covid boosters. They may have a triple problem: jab toxicity, vaccine derived viral interference and antibody dependent enhancement. Data suggests the covid jabs have negative efficacy: the triple covid-jabbed are even more susceptible to covid infection. Once jabbed, they may be deprived of the opportunity to ever attain adequate, sterilising, and sustained immunity to covid. A concern is when, as usual, the annual winter seasonal respiratory deaths increase as they should by April 2022, how high will the numbers be, how will the jabbed, boosted, and also-flu-vaccinated fare compared to the non-jabbed? How many of those deaths will again be misattributed to covid and the un-mighty but rife omicron? Omicron will, no doubt, be coincidently ‘detected’ by overzealous, inaccurate testing in hospitals and nursing homes where it should flourish. It is inevitable the government will exploit this. Nobody should panic.

For two years there has been a pandemic pantomime about a virus the scale of flu. The world amputated itself for the sake of its nose. A simple script of ‘Oh no it does, oh no it doesn’t’ has magicked a mass suspension of critical thinking and a rush to collective suicide. All endorsed by HMG. The consistent ‘pandemic’ improvement over two years is very likely not due to jabs, but to natural, acquired immunity and improved scientific data gathering and interpretation. The damage was in large part due to the jabs, perverted opportunists and non-pharmaceutical interventionist policies. It was better to do nothing.

There is hope. Elements of the malicious narrative appear to be turning. More staff and patients are openly dissenting from government policy. They are beginning to slowly exercise the faculty of unassailable logic. Nothing the government does is delivering. Poly-jabbed as they may or may not become, they are still ‘getting covid’ and still very much alive; and still being increasingly oppressed and over-medicated by their government’s cosy Big Lie. The guts of the people have begun to sense they are being force-fed stone cold turds. Yet, most of their doctors continue to seem strangely unaware of the fatal problems of the narrative. They comply and wait poised to do nothing; silently and passively accepting the abuse for reasons of their own personal short-term gain. It does not seem to stack, and is the ultimate professional act of deliberate self-harm. The medical profession euthanises itself.

In this World War 3 for medical freedom, and bodily and national sovereignties, it should never be forgotten that only a small minority fought like lions against a wholesale dehumanising of the population. Our elected government has committed atrocities on us in the name of medicine. Most of my medical colleagues were complicit or cowered. Only a small percentage refused the jab, most of the rest did not adequately defend their wrongly-vilified colleagues, patients or their profession. Yet, we share the same knowledge of medicine and ethics. This is very disappointing. Pleading ignorance in this profoundly medical matter is not an excuse any member of the medical profession can validly make.

Wisdom is not constantly televised. We must look to the past for it. I leave some for my colleagues to reflect upon:

Primum non nocere.

First do no harm”, Hippocratic Oath

किं कर्म किमकर्मेति कवयोऽप्यत्र मोहिता: |

तत्ते कर्म प्रवक्ष्यामि यज्ज्ञात्वा मोक्ष्यसेऽशुभात् ॥16॥

कर्मणो ह्यपि बोद्धव्यं बोद्धव्यं च विकर्मण: |

अकर्मणश्च बोद्धव्यं गहना कर्मणो गति: ॥17॥

कर्मण्यकर्म य: पश्येदकर्मणि च कर्म य: |

स बुद्धिमान्मनुष्येषु स युक्त: कृत्स्नकर्मकृत् ॥18॥

“The true nature of action is difficult to grasp. You must understand what is action and what is inaction and what kind of action should be avoided. The wise see that there is action in the midst of inaction and inaction in midst of action. Their consciousness is unified, and every act is done with complete awareness.Bhagavad Gita 4:16-18.

23rd January 2022

The Covid Physician is (still) an unheroic NHS doctor. This article is a personal view and does not necessarily represent the views of the NHS. Patient details have been anonymised. Dr. TCP tweets at @tcp_dr and blogs at at

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15 thoughts on “Covid, The Strange Death of Medicine”

  1. I work as a gardener for mainly elderly clients who have been stuck at home and many are now terrified to venture out of their homes due the fear-mongering, by the government, “health authorities” and media. Recently some of them have told me that since their booster jabs, they have had rashes which are incredibly itchy, to the point where they are not able to sleep.
    I am unvaccinated and have worked full time since the COVID lockdown , part I. None of my client’s nor me have had COVID.
    I have never had a flu vaccine, I am not an anti-vaxer.. But this”vaccine” has made me wary,
    Look forward to your next post.
    Family and friends feel similar but also feel obliged to have the vaccine to be able to travel..

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  2. Thank you very much indeed for this brilliant, comprehensive account of the Covid panic from a real doctor’s point of view. It is truly reassuring to realise that there is, at least, still some intelligence and honesty out there – even if patients are temporarily deprived of it. When you are forced to see everything upside down for two years, even the most confident of minds is bound to start doubting. You have confirmed that the real world is still as it always was – the right way up. The problem is that lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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  3. Good read. It reminded me of a conversation I had pre-Covid about dentistry.

    When did a trip to the dentist start to feel like I was going on a time share presentation.

    They spend very little time actually looking at your teeth before trying to sell you an array of expensive treatments and then send you packing to the hygienist who actually does the job the dentist used to do.

    You might as well extract out the expensive middle man and go straight to the teeth grinder.

    As for Covid still not had a test, nor the experimental vaccination and never downloaded track or trace.

    Choose freedom not this coerced new normal.

    A 6 month delay just gives them more time to reinforce before they go on the offensive again as winter approaches along with the inevitable new ‘mutant variant’. NHS mandatory jabs must be scrapped completely.

    Keep up the fight.


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  4. While agreeing with most of what you say, I don’t think you can justifiably say this:
    > The truer figure is somewhere between 6,000 – 17,000 deaths, according to these two FOIA requests.

    Surely just because something else as well as Covid was mentioned on the death certificate does not mean that the death did not result from Covid. The question to ask the ONS (who would be unable to answer) is this: of the people who died with Covid mentioned on the death certificate, how many would have survived if they hadn’t had Covid? The problem is, of course, that only the attending physician prior to death might have been able to answer that question, and I doubt the information gets recorded.

    So the true figure is somewhere between 6,000 and yesterday’s lie of 153,862. Less than 100,000 feels highly likely to me, but that’s just a wild guess.


    1. My father passed away on that auspicious date, 17th April 2020. Covid headed the list of comorbidities on the death certificate, but my 86 year old mother insisted that we should request his medical records. They showed that his oxygen saturation point was above 99%, temperature was normal, he wasn’t on oxygen; he was transferred to our local hospital by 7pm and died a few hours later. I was in Canada at the time and rang the hospital immediately after I was informed by my brother of this sad news. I wanted to know, as I thought at the time, as to whether Dad had had “a good death”. How prophetic. We do know that there was no physician in attendance, that’s for sure. In fact, we are now of the opinion that my father had probably died before he was taken to our local hospital. When I returned to the UK for his miserly funeral of 8 mourners, I was already suspicious of all the hype to call 111 and immediately felt concerned for anyone with a bronchial cough who would wait for 10 days before calling this hallowed number! Then, on attending the hospital with my Mother, to a surgery clinic, I was very concerned at the attitude of NHS staff. It felt as though they were from another planet, unhelpful, unwilling. From that moment, I decided to carry out my own research, especially when a good friend who owned a community pharmacy had the AZ vaccine to protect his community and had a thrombocytopenia, resulting in being in a coma for weeks and is now learning to walk again. This well written article confirms everything I need to know. Thank you.

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  5. My large extended family has taken on the task recently of “changing my mind” about being unV-d. I am full of sorrow for those who have been jabbed. They did indeed think they were doing the right thing — all the boxes were checked by guv and pharma, so it must be the right way to go. But data (unfortunately still not widely disseminated– but getting there!) on the toxicity of this “vaccine” are seemingly entirely invisible to these people. My sister told me, after I brought it up, that the rash of heart attacks and deaths of young, strong athletes on the playing fields “has been debunked.” I hadn’t the energy to ask “by whom.” That’s a very big problem with this civid-exhaustion: it’s exhausting. It’s not a mystery why the hordes just cave to the relentless and unprecedented (in our part of the world) tsunami of propaganda. It’s easier to go with the wave.

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  6. “non-medical NHS staff preying on their clinical colleagues who are far wiser on the subject “: a few might be but one of the revelations of the pandemic has that almost no doctors are capable of reading the research literature and learning that masks don’t work. If they can’t read papers on so simple a topic why would I trust them to read about anything more complicated? Doctors being as wicked and incompetent as schoolteachers: did you ever?

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  7. Found the article very interesting and agreed with it all. The problem that I have with it is that you do not identify yourself, knowing who you are, in my opinion, would reinforce your case.
    We need more professionals with your views to get out there and publicly spread your informed views in the wider arena.

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  8. I am a registered nurse of 20 years and thank you for your eloquent discription of the new ‘covid cult’. I received my threat letter today from my devastated employer overlords! How much of a valued member of the team I am at our Trust! Thanking me for everything I did in this challenging time.
    I was on the front line and was expecting dying people in the streets. Had no idea what to expect. We were fitted for N95 masks and yet never used them when the trust realised they would be too expensive to replace at the frequency required. So we were eventually given 3 ply masks which on the box stated and I quote ‘ do not protect against coronvirus’ as was being banded about at the time! This is when the penny dropped for me. The other rethoric from the government which I found abhorant was protect the NHS! Since when did any government in my 20 years protect the NHS? Every year was winter pressures and their was never any money in the coffers!
    The slippery slope of NHS dismantling has been around for a long time, by top heavy inadequate management, most of whom have zero medical knowledge!
    I am sad to say ill miss the patients but I won’t miss the cult which it has now become. Nothing is scientific anymore. The staff who bow down in ignorance is an embarrassment to the profession and I for one will not be part of it. In the words of the man himself… William Shakespeare (no not the first vax recipient)… ‘all the worlds a stage and all the men and women are merely players’

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  9. I seem to be reading your articles in reverse order. No mater, all the content is excellent.
    I have a perfect example of an unindoctrinated human in my own mother who is 7 years into vascular dementia aged 92. She has her marbles and capacity to make informed decisions provided the information given is concise enough to fit within her memory span. She has very little, if any, ability to store new memory for very long, so the media hype had zero impact on her. She was blissfully unaware of covid or it’s impact until it was mentioned in conversation and briefly explained to her. She was given the first dose of the AZ product in Feb 2021 at the same time as my brother who was her carer back then.
    My brother, who had ESLD died shortly after the injectable product finished off his liver in May 2021, he became encephalopathic (sp?) shortly after his first dose and the rest is history. Then I took over Mum’s care.
    I had to run the gauntlet of numerous bodies, each intent on sticking my mother with a second dose but not interested in her informed consent, just her actual consent. In the end, all I had to do was give her the leaflet from the vaccine box, which luckily my brother had kept. She read the first paragraph which told her the product wasn’t licenced for general use yet and she immediately said, “I’ll wait”. Like me, she took the view that if a manufacturer doesn’t have faith in their own product then why should we? I told her about the pharma companies having full indemnity if it harmed her, just for good measure, but I’m confident she made an informed decision by herself, after all, it was in the box leaflet. Job done.
    The only mystery for me is, if mum, who isn’t supposed to have capacity can join the dots, how come over half the planet are struggling to make 2+2 make 4? Insane isn’t it?

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