Gates-Funded MHRA Bans Cough Linctus & Other Conspiracy Theory Facts

Yes, it’s true.

Denial of the magnitude of general vaccine harm and ineffectiveness is undeniably official state policy. Active harm of the population via rash, prolonged covid measures seems to be policy. The longer it is dragged out, the more undeniable it becomes.

Unsafe & Ineffective

While China and other non-Western nations purported to mete out more traditional inactivated virus vaccines, the nations of the West near-instantaneously magicked only several multi-patented genetic jabs. A mass, forced human experimentation with known inefficacy and inadequately-quantified known and unknown risks. They unleashed these upon their own un-indemnified, Western populations with impunity, whilst the West funded coronavirus gain-of-function research in Wuhan, and led with a charge of, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus. Why? Cui bono?

La pandémie? L’État? C’est WHO!

The whole system of the Western State has become unashamedly abusive and egregiously statist. Our politicians are there to be feared, not to fear us, and certainly not to represent us. We are there for them. They whom we elect and trust to represent us as intermediaries with the State. To play out their shams, to affirm the wrong they say and do to us is right. There to shield their lies, to conceal their abuse of us. In this way our State maintains itself for the sake of itself and its aggrandisement. At the same time it, as most other Nation States, is volunteering to cede its sovereignty to the WHO at the drop of a bureaucratic, self-defined hat. As long as an unelected, undemocratic, unrepresentative WHO self-identifies its pronoun with a pandemic there is seemingly one.

Pandemic Colonialism

There are two fundamental conflicts between international human rights treaties and a international global treaty of governance in a pandemic [the WHO International Health Regulations treaty (IHR)]:

(i) The IHR may suspend much of our fundamental human rights protections in favour of, for example, ‘protection of health’ or ‘prevention of spreading infectious disease’;

(ii) Human rights are based on the protection of each individual. The IHR is not. It is based on what the WHO imposes upon absolutely all of us, in the nebulous name of ‘health’ protection.

In practice this means anything the captured WHO says. In the wrong hands, such a treaty guarantees the ending of liberty for evermore on a leash of mere subjectivity, technicalities and propaganda.

The proposed fortification of the IHR married with a weakened pandemic trigger threshold, instantly and globally threatens to suspend national sovereignties and individual international human rights.

For nation States to submit themselves and their electing subjects to such pandemic colonialism is an extremely self-injurious and baffling development. Such dire international treaties are usually imposed by the victorious over defeated nations after war, or during an international bail-out of a bankrupt country.

We State subjects and sovereign individuals are thereby compelled by international law to pretend and believe a dire pandemic exists, however delusional and self-injurious that may seem. It is an entirely unacceptable but real state of affairs. It is not the way of libertarian, sovereign democratic nation States. Yet, here we are. State fodder, whose duty as State subjects is to suspend our disbelief in our nation State, in perpetuity. If one struggles to disavow one’s visceral intuition, the State prescribes Kool-Aid. An anodyne potion of propaganda to settle the queasiness, to wash the jab down. Nothing can ease the pain of being taxed into destitution to fund our harm. They have a premeditated, unproductive solution for this: Do nothing, own nothing and BE HAPPY. But, bent words are humanly unsustainable. There is a solution for this, too. Trans-humanism, or in-humanism. Your digital obedience despite State abuse is prized.

Nothing has illustrated the truth of this better than reviewing the last three years. Never has the term ‘trauma-based mind-control’ seemed so actual.

Cough Linctus

An email from the misnomered MHRA, received in March 2023, the third anniversary of the UK lockdown hammered this abuse home. These days the MHRA is a state organ self-identifying as an enabler of pharmaceutical terror rather than a watchdog against it. What was unexpected was the email revealed itself to be abjectly hypocritical, incompetent or insane. Perhaps all three. It cascaded, urgent information to all NHS clinicians, everywhere.

To quote the MHRA safety alert:

“Following the conclusion of a review of post-marketing safety data by the MHRA, all pholcodine-containing medicines are being recalled and withdrawn from the UK as a precaution. The Commission on Human Medicines (CHM), the independent advisory body that provides expert advice on the safety, quality and efficacy of medicines, has considered the evidence of an increased risk of the very rare event of anaphylaxis when exposed to neuromuscular blocking agents (NMBA) and advised that pholcodine-containing medicines should be withdrawn.”

MHRA, 14 March 2023

A precautionary measure detected by the allegedly world-class MHRA advanced early-warning system. Let the UK population no longer suppress any sign of the next respiratory virus pandemic, not least, its cough. Expect a Pfizer-Moderna-AZ snortable, cough-suppressing gene therapy, deliverable without consent at all crèches and shopping centres, soon. Anticipate all other highly effective, proven, safe, off-patent traditional pharmaceuticals to be disappeared.

Why so defiantly ultra-cautious, now? For two and a half years years one awaited the official MHRA alert on covid jab withdrawals. Literally from our circulations. It never occurred. Not even for AstraZeneca: that was simply suicided, honoured and shipped abroad. The irony of this ought not be lost on anyone, today. Certainly not on the relatives of the hundreds of thousands recorded by regulatory bodies as dead, and the millions ill after (or ‘with’) covid jabs, globally. But it is, and will continue to be.

In addition to Pfizer for babies, the MHRA recently announced their approval of old-variant Moderna in children, just as the WHO announces a belated end to the non-pandemic. There is no end to the serialised normalisation of MHRA madness. There is no longer even lip-service to on-the-fly, bespoke jabs for the latest variant of whatever the old variant was, to a pandemic which fizzled out years ago.

State Abuse

This kind of abuse is reminiscent of the pattern of sexual abuse and the modus operandi of its perpetrators.

The trauma of not only being traumatised, but also of it not being acknowledged. Of it not being officially recorded, or officially countered. The trauma of having to futilely recount one’s abuse so many times one gives up, more traumatised. The only treatment becomes the distraction of self-abuse or suicide. This is why many prefer a life of silence and denial.

This is why some graffiti happens. An expression of visceral pain, and social dis-ease in the face of State denial and oppression. I felt it walking home from work, my NHS sanctum of state abuse and denial. A place where, in answer to the question, ‘Would you have it, doctor?’ the phrase ‘I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole’ is now easily accepted by a patient, when two years ago they would have reported their doctor to the police. Yet, our State persists in its fatal charade.

Secreted in the back of some alley in some unlikely idyllic, small town one finds expressions of the pain in street art. Like prehistoric cave art in blood, waiting epochs to be unearthed, decoded and understood. Cries for help from a gagged populace. A population under attack. It may as well say, ‘MHRA is a nonce’. Yes, may conclude a future archeologist, The population was under existential attack by giant reptiles and left a dying sign.

Primaeval cries for help. Somewhere, a block from a small community’s health surgery

The MHRA reminds of Sir Jimmy Savile. Both state-approved institutions for abusing public trust. Perhaps the MHRA will also take its secrets to the grave. The parallels seem more real to me. I walked the same corridors, wards and mortuaries as Savile did, at the same time as he bedazzled the public, raised money for Stoke Mandeville whilst fingering its handicapped child patients; and, as officially reported, he practised necrophilia on our dead patients. I met child social workers who all consistently said they reported such high-end abuse but were met with silence or career cul-de-sacs.

Today it is not Savile but the MHRA, and other State organs; not social workers but health-carers; not only unprotected children, but an entire, bewitched population.

Savile’s passport to abuse was lubricated by the State, multiply. The keys to a bedroom in Broadmoor high security prison with access to the Yorkshire Ripper, an unlikely passport to royalty and a BBC fiefdom replete with ample supplies of enchanted children. We remain entrapped in the grim narrative of State fairytales.

Sir Savile , National Abuser-in-Chief

WhatsApp Hancock?

Even the military style language of biowarfare and psy-ops by then UK health secretary, Matt Hancock does not raise an eyebrow in a dumbed-down population. ‘Deploy’ is not a usual medical verb. Asking, ‘When do we deploy the new variant,’ and talk of ‘frighten the pants off everyone’ is the counsel of conspiring criminals getting away with murder; not caring, concerned health ministers.

My own medical practice confirms a sense of continuous extraordinary excess death (currently 22.1% above the five-year average) and a sea of anti-coagulant prescriptions. An increased diet of atrial fibrillation, thromboemboli, cancer, inexplicable autoimmune disease, cancer, menstrual disturbance, miscarriage, stillbirths, mental illness and suicides. Neurotic children. Partners coming home to find spouses swinging from nooses. There is an unprecedented health crisis gathered.

It is now not uncommon for multiple family members across two or three generations to have died in close succession or to have suffered clots and all be on anti-coagulants. Let no one convince you this surge in sticky blood is normal or due to weather change.

There is a wilful blindness against attributing any of this to covid jabs, or the government’s destructive non-pharmaceutical measures and accelerated demolition of the NHS. A stark contrast to its active misattribution of ‘Everything by/with/because of COVID’.

NHS Exodus

There is an emerging pattern of senior NHS employees, professional disillusioned, exhausted and (one hopes) morally-injured who are leaving and retiring early, en masse. There is a dangerous rise in the acceptance of remote, clinical non-contact and an inappropriate delegation of complex clinical work to the unqualified, with no time nor resources to do it. If NHS pharmacists are encouraged to practice private medicine under inadequate medical regulatory and ethical safeguards, who will concentrate on safe dispensing? Whitehall is pledging to rebuild the Promised Land, by drafting school-leaving apprentices as doctors. This is how a y vestigial resistance of professional medical ethics and standards may be completely dismantled prior to the next pandemic demolition ball. It would be unsurprising if civil servants propose drag-queens, minor attracted persons and children will be enlisted to deliver clinical care. After all, the unqualified military were drafted into conduct an unethical clinical trial. Imagine all the EDI boxes that would tick.

The NHS is, most of all, marketed these-days as a happy, inclusive shiny rainbow of robotic dancers before it is as a competent deliverer of ethical healthcare. Harm seems to correlate and be consequential to this sustained medical abuse. But no one of any authority is interested to invest in investigating this. There is only active denial and a weak misattribution of population malaise to the mirage of long-covid. Long-covid is the only voice of the covid-oppressed the State has sanctioned. The casual diagnosis hides a multitude of State sins on a sick note. Conversely, I have never professionally witnessed anyone dare offer a diagnosis of vaccine injury.

Judicial Incarceration of Free Professional Expression

Many have argued against conspiracy in covid. Some of those while arguing against the official covid narrative. Some of those say it is incompetence, not conspiracy. Some say all this whilst retaining anonymity. Surely, it is evidence of conspiracy itself when one fears retribution in exercising legal free speech?

The disturbing fact is that since Dr Mohammad Adil’s unsuccessful High Court appeal judgment, even this blog is not legal free speech within the parameters ‘prescribed by law’ through the GMC’s updated social media guidance. This judgment may have imperilled all the country’s professional classes to the mercy of arbitrary, illegal, and unprofessional lawmaking professional regulatory bodies, depending on each’s under-pinning primary legislation. One hopes incognito lawyers, such as The Secret Barrister may be anxiously blogging and advocating for Mr Adil and fellow anonymous professional bloggers’ fundamental legal rights.

The judge has, in my analysis, extraordinarily concluded that anything the GMC recommends is ‘prescribed by law’. If one accepts that the primary legislature is Parliament and the only secondary legislator is the Executive, how can the GMC be held legally tantamount to the Executive as a de facto, unilateral prescriber of law? It cannot even be trusted to uphold medical ethics. The GMC is now endowed with both the magical power of being the mind of the public and the legislator. The judgment seems a fallacious, circular construction of extreme judicial convenience made in obeisance to the State tyranny. It is certainly no way of checks and balances to GMC-MPTS overreach. Dr Adil plans to appeal.

May I appeal for readers to bring urgent attention and prayers to Dr Bhakdi’s case. It is another example of intimidating eminent medical experts from professional expression. Not a more gentle, peaceful, caring and morally-courageous colleague have I ever come across. He is a touchstone for world truth in covid. He is being persecuted, and inappropriately prosecuted without proportionate justification in a German court. This distortion of his intent is symbolic of the evil he is fighting. Germany is creating inter-sectional hate by abusing its laws.

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi


This is the strange equality of our current State constitution. An abrogation of national sovereignty, industrialised denial of abuse and a crude, inclusive, global equality of maximal outcome regardless of competence, unequal speech, unequal opportunity, unequal standards of judgment and disproportionate measures. The sole MP (the heroic Andrew Bridgen) dropping the truth bombs reflecting my and my patient’s last three years within medical practice was expelled from the Conservative party. The Labour government-in-waiting are worse for not offering any fair counter-representation of those many in their constituencies suffering from government covid policy.

There is no doubt there are conspiracies. Events and words, things said and done, and not said and done, all glued together by an unbelievable global synchronicity and similarity. Agreement is a matter of degree and a matter of time. The worst case scenarios seem to be playing out incrementally and imperceptibly. On a micro (my own professional concerns and experience) and macro level (official statistics, my censored peers and their larger studies). Only the Pharma’s brief, flawed studies which will never be required to be scientifically verified are either heard or allowed to be redacted and buried. Honest professional experience beats the dishonest RCT in an evidential hierarchy on pharmaceutical safety.

There are conspiracies to make as much money as possible with the least financial risk. Conspiracies to mislead. Conspiracies to deny the facts, deny harms and deny alternative, valid narratives. Conspiracies to compel, force and scare. Conspiracies to engineer and fabricate a noxious gene sequence to go severally into each and every arm. What remains to be confirmed is a conspiracy to kill, to harm, to eugenics, toward a centralised global tyranny (benevolent, of course), an illegitimate world government elected by fear, sustained by perpetual emergency and held together by a WHO constitution enshrined in international law.

18th May 2023

The Covid Physician is no longer legally able to claim to (still) be an unheroic NHS doctor, as prescribed by law.

This article is a personal view, should not be taken on trust, and certainly does not purport to necessarily represent the views of the medical profession more widely or the NHS. Any patient details have been anonymised.

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  1. This is a tremendous article and should be read by all at least once. We are sleep walking into a diabolical tyranny and at this rate most people will need to look their grandchildren in the eye and tell them that they were complicit.

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