Despatches from the Phoney Covid Trenches

Complicit Chess Pieces in an Elite-Orchestrated Class Warfare: (from left to right) Hancock, Johnson, Plebeian Cannon Fodder, Doctor Blackadder, Jab Nurse

6th December 2022

Special 2022 Excessive Mortality Christmas Bumper Edition

Three years of personal, post-pandemic clinical testimony later. Time has not disproved my observations and experience. Still, the media, government and medicine turn a blind eye. Why? The below is a recent continuation of this telling of the horrifying truth. I feel like Blackadder.

2004 A baby from the past

A 13 month baby is seen in a combined neuro-ophthalmology clinic. She has perfect, limpid blue eyes. There is nothing wrong with them, yet, she is blinded suddenly overnight, a few days ago. From all the tests, it is presumed cortical blindness while we await further clarification. The parents are confused. Everyone is. She was developing well. There was nothing different the night they put her to bed, alone in a separate bedroom. I take a detailed history. The parents casually mention the day in question she had the MMR vaccine. Her mother had wanted to protect her baby, give her the best start in life. So had the nurse. It seems a good fit. But nobody above me seemed to bat an eyelid. I recorded the fact, making a deliberate show of doing so in front of the devastated parents. I never see the family again. I wonder about occipital lobe hypoxic damage after a febrile seizure caused by the vaccine. After all, apart from that, my medical programming states vaccines are safe and effective.

These days, a whole host of other vaccine-induced neurological causes will cross my mind. My standard advice to any parent after that was, if your child seems unwell do not put it to sleep in a separate room. If it has had a vaccine, give it an anti-pyretic before bedtime, fever or no fever. It seemed common sense. A few years later, I was chided by a nurse: we don’t do that anymore. Why? I did some research and the prevailing wisdom was if one suppresses inflammation unnecessarily, it could reduce vaccine efficacy. I was astonished. It seemed like it was throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Personally, I would now think twice about giving a child in my family any vaccine, and consider the research, risks and benefits carefully. Good nutrition, general healthcare and sanitation are more important. Multiple vaccines on the same day are increasingly routine for infants. No one really understands how they act or interact, nor the longterm harms of this blunderbuss approach.

2018 Dr No Vax

I meet my senior GP colleague and his 18 year old daughter. I am moved to remark to him, exceptionally, for someone who has spent a profession lifetime scrutinising live human specimens. Why does she look so radiant and healthy? He seems to have received the question before. ‘I know,’ he says in a matter-of-fact, clinical manner, ‘and no vaccines, only homeopathy’ (he is also a homeopathist). His own practice nurse reported him to the social services.

September 2019, Italy

A retrospective analysis of Italian serum samples reveals SARS-CoV-2 RNA and antibodies present two months before the Wuhan outbreak. Dr Jonathan Engler and his anonymous colleague performed an interesting analysis of this fact and the timing of the simultaneous mass deaths in different parts of Italy, April 2020 following Lockdown. They sensibly point out this does not fit a cause by spread of a respiratory viral infection, but does a cause of death by goverment policy. Democide. Eugyppius has ably summarised his key points.

18th October 2019, New York

Event 201, a praeternatural coronavirus pandemic simulation sponsored by the usual suspects.

4th January 2020

WHO Covid-19 pandemic declared. Attributed to a zoonotic coronavirus spread from a meat market November-December 2019, Wuhan.

11th March 2020 (circa) 10 Downing Street

Dame Dr June Raine, MHRA Chairwoman commented on a cabinet office meeting ‘about covid tests’ held with the Prime Minister, six days before the infamous Lockdown on 17th March 2020. She proudly admits her exchange with PM Johnson:

The question arose as, “Why a regulator was in the room?” Was a regulator going to be able to do anything about this? And our PM who seems to be able to notice things, shot a comment to me: “Well the MHRA will stop us killing people,” and for some reason, I was immediately able to respond, “No, the MHRA will help you keep people alive,” and that is the signal of the watchdog to the enabler.

June Raine who has presided over the increasing dysfunction at the MHRA, much as Sir Simon Stevens did for the NHS, said this during her 5th March 2022, Somerville College talk about the transformation of the MHRA From a Watchdog to an Enabler during Covid. It sounds like a subliminal confessional.

The MHRA is here to stop State democide and keep people alive. Only a professional liar anxious to avoid conviction for murder can spontaneously split hairs like this. It may be Dr Raine need not wonder why she was immediately able to respond. In retrospect, it is clear from her words she as MHRA Chair abrogates from a duty of, and admits no intent of ‘stopping us (the government) killing people.’ One can read it as an internalised future vaccine alibi: I knew the MHRA’s negligence was killing people, but my focus, right from the very start was on saving people with safe and effective vaccines. In other words, it seems she is saying she is actively and openly in dereliction of a moral, official and professional ethical duty to weigh risk and benefit. June Raine’s transformation needs to be stopped and reversed.

MHRA Disclaimer: Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Chair, Dr June Raine admits to categorically asserting to the PM that her MHRA ‘does not stop us killing people.’ Psychopaths have the tendency to lay their disclaimer at your feet at the very beginning. That way, it is overlooked.

Summer 2020

Lockdown is temporarily lifted for Eat Out to Help Out. I am sat on the grass munching a picnic by the roped boundary of a town cricket green. The sun is brilliant. The facing batsman is spectacularly out on the third ball. He has overestimated his abilities and incompetently slogged his bat into the hot summer air. In hindsight, it is reminiscent of Dr Fauci plays baseball. The locals burst into life cheering his demise. My myopia and vanity mean I do not know why. A few minutes later, our thin sector of spectators falls into a tense hush. Why, is not immediately apparent to me. A skilled voice with the intonation of a mean nose and small sinuses breaks the tension. “Hello”. It is a greeting mechanically reeled off from just inside the boundary two metres opposite me, from a man skilled in coldly managing hostility for his own benefit. I look up. TCP is within touching distance of Matt Hancock. Charity match, House of Lords team. The disgraceful, now ‘publicly disgraced’ unfaithful husband, and Ex-Health Secretary is enjoying his English summer recess after inaugurating the UK arm of a global, legislated killing and wealth redistribution program. How bad that actually is will become more apparent in the near future.

The first feeling is fury. I have scrutinised his role in my articles, and here he is, my muse. The crowd’s reaction is possibly more about his infidelity, but mine is because he was a key member of a joint enterprise which is causing continuous and current widespread human harm. I could have made a PR spectacle out of it. Spinned it. Unheroic NHS GP assaults Ex-Health Secretary. I could have verbally abused him, I could have overarmed my celery stick at him, tackled him to the ground, or far worse. The police would have classified it as an extremist terrorist attack, and TCP as insane. I would not be the first reasonable doctor to be legally-detained under a mental health act for questioning the covid narrative. That may well have been the learned and noble Dr. Thomas Binder, who was diagnosed with “Corona Insanity,” and then placed in a psychiatric unit. However, I am a pacifist healer. I do nothing, but sit in awe of how he could frolic with gay impunity within civil society.

February 2022

I hear on the grapevine the junior doctors in my local A&E revolt against their consultants’ request to get the third jab. The juniors refuse, reasonably asking why their seniors are not having theirs. It’s not actually that courageous or clever since they have had the first two, so ameliorating the threat of the sack in April 2022.

Late March 2022

Health secretary, Sajid Javid backs down from his jabs-for-jobs NHS ultimatum. He is soon to be gone and retired from parliament outright. I still have a job.

Summer 2022

A winter mortality in an English midsummer

There are an uncanny number, nay, an unprecedented number of electronic death notifications on my computer screen. It is not normal in my general practice. Once every working month or two, but not many a week, not a handful in half a day, not on multiple days in a week. There is rapid pause for sombre reflection. Excess deaths have been extraordinarily high in many countries, Not by covid, and not just the elderly. In fact, so bad in the UK the excess mortality rate is winter-like in midsummer. If this is what happens when the government tries to save us, it should stop trying. Further, there seems a correlative rise in mortality, immunosuppression and new escape variants of rogue coronavirus virus each time a new covid booster jab is rolled out. The government exploit the chicken or egg conundrum. Currently we are on jab 4. If you were classed as immunocompromised at the onset of the pandemic (arguably one is irreversibly immunocompromised in some way, after multiple covid jabs) one is on jab five, and counting. MHRA, VAERS and EudraVigilance data pointing to these being the most dangerous ‘vaccines’ ever, compared to all the rest combined in the last 30 years is old hat. So are abnormal rates of myocarditis, the worrying number of young people, pilots, athletes and indeed doctors collapsing and dying prematurely.

Surely, someone should be telling the patients being jabbed something about these concerns? Not at all. Why, they are Safe and Effective, always have been, always will be. Even if they are not. Vaccines are what they pretend to be. Patient safety has become a question of politics, philosophy and economics not science.

Even if nobody is telling them, surely there is an inescapable, uncomfortable truth that lies between government vaccine damage scheme and government ’safe and effective’ experimental gene therapy for them to see? Most are hypnotically blind to it. This paper is a reasonable summary of concerns, PDF here.

July 2022

Donbas UK Boy, 18

A mother of a local lad is worried. Her boy was in a good UK university. He has taken a sabbatical. He is graduating in Ukraine as a mercenary. He was depressed, and labelled with ADHD, hence he could not make the British army. He wished to make his estranged, ex-serviceman father proud. Make girlfriend believe he was brave. I carefully ask his mother if she is aware of accusations of Nazi undertones embedded in Ukraine nationalism. Oooooh, really? No, she is not. Nor I expect is he. He will fight and die amongst the Banderites, projecting his daddy issues on to The Donbas. We are all children of our generation’s state propaganda and educational indoctrination.

August 2022

Ukraine Mother with Daughter

The war has interrupted her cancer care. She has been fast-tracked by the Home Office Ukrainian refugee scheme. I have only just been able to understand what it is all about. There are language barriers. The young daughter introduces me to Star Trek technology: she silently hovers her smartphone in front of a Ukrainian medical report placed on my desk, and it miraculously becomes an on-screen semblance of intelligible medical English. Enough for me to refer mum to a NHS oncology department collapsed under the accumulative 20 year weight of government War on ‘Terror’, immigration and War on Covid policies, not to mention an aftermath of (non-covid) winter excess deaths in the summer. There is a striking correlation between autumn vaccine boosters and excess deaths in England. What will excessive winter excess deaths look like after the bivalent covid and flu jab Big Pharma Triple Wham in both arms?

The above three policies are inter-related. Two decades of EU-NATO wilfully destabilising the Middle East and Tony Blair’s transitional arrangements have brought a rapid surge of distressed, ill and non-English speaking refugees and immigrants into the NHS. Covid policy emptied and impoverished hotels, which then became combined covid and immigration concentration camps for these unfortunate souls. Caught in a devastated landscape of lockdown, they had to became rabid early adopters of covid jabs in their anxiety not to displease their new-found state. No doubt this phenomenon boosted UK jab statistics. Their coercion to the jab was greater than the average UK citizen’s. This rapid concentration of non-English speaking, culturally unassimilated, and psychologically distressed patients puts an incredible burden on an already broken and collapsing NHS, not to mention local community services. Imagine the effort and organisation it requires for a UN conference. All the technology and individual translators. This is the scale of the challenge for the United Nations’ NHS.

September 2022

8th September 2022 15:10 BST

The Queen is Dead. The British monarchy, is flying high off the back of 10 days of free global advertising and an extremely long queue apotheosised by the BBC. It is to be noted that King Charles III is a stalwart of homeopathy and organic farming. Does anyone who knows this believe he would actually take the WHO Jab times 5 or eat WEF GMO Soylent Green?

It is not just the rule legislators Johnson, Sunak, and Starmer, (the Ex PM, the current PM and the future PM) who break them, but those who preside over them. The future King William and family were snapped breaking the inconceivably diabolical ‘Rule of Six’. This is a royal family I could like if we were all treated the same. If only the family would realise the mental health sufferers they are fond of championing and joining are a product of the global system they helped create and maintain.

Autumn 2022

Just as autumnbegins to flutter itself in, I detect an elevated energy and mood in the corridor outside my consultation room. I had noticed there were more chairs crammed in the corridor alcoves than usual. Definitely no more than six inches apart. Optimism has betrayed me. It, I assumed, was a sign of a relaxation of The Arbitrariness of March 2020 – September 2022. But no. The NHS jamboree is just commencing. Rogue ‘Agency’ nurses dashing around in foreign medical garb. Intent, erect and in a mad rush.

I open my door to let out some of the various odours that inevitably accrue after a day of NHS consultations. Not least, that stench of my own habituated iatrophobia. Opening it admits in an inappropriate cheerful din in the form of a rat-a-tat-tat of regional accents.

Allergic? Had one before? There. Now get lost. Then follows a flurry of plebeian over-gratefulness, and a pitter patter of feet disappearing into an anaphylactic wasteland. I instantly recall last week’s autumn circular from our head nurse: It’s crazy season, again. Please let me know if you would like to take part in the vaccination.

30th September 2022, Land of the Free

Headline: California Governor Signs Bill to Punish Doctors for Providing Informed Consent Information Not Backed by Government & Big Pharma. Counter Headline, 4th November 2022: Physicians sue Governor.

October 2022

Genocidal Practice, Jabland, UK

Or should I say, democide? There is now a sort of self-selection occurring to those now on the fifth or sixth assortment of covid jabs. The coercion has abated, but the policy and messaging remains. The fearful, obedient and ignorant keep coming, but somehow even some of their children are being kept away from the killing queues.

Somebody whispers

There is another energised hum of fresh policy from the corridor. Foreign forces are mobilising again. Agency staff infiltrate the building and mingle with the regulars. Some unknown, mercenary male nurse apprehends me as he attempts to requisition my clinic room. He dissembles and shakes a social front from his wrought face, “Oh, hello. Are you vaccinating?”

I stare at the baggy man, who offers nothing else, and offer him a studied careful, “No,” followed by a pause heavily impregnated with, of course I’m f*****g not, I’m a proper doctor. His body shimmies, he mechanically turns and disappears. A more distant, rising bleat of Joe Public is building in the waiting room. From the corridor, there is a professional lull.

Then, our head nurse is heard to whisper …

Shall we wear masks?

It was a stunning pantomime confession. Not that I can be stunned anymore. Her Freudian whisper acknowledged all knew it was an inconsistent scam. It did not shame her, she merely wanted to know how deep should they fake it.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Crazy season was crazier this year. Six antigens: quadrivalent flu, and the unpredictable bivalent covid genetic pre-antigens. Plus patented God knows what. God reminded of me of my American cousin, the religiously-inclined Dr Ashok Jha, White House COVID Response Director. He says to the public with a barely suppressed smirk:

“Get your Covid shot. Get your flu shot. That’s why God gave you two arms…”

On a normal day these were equal grounds for blasphemy and dismissal from the profession. But we live in a time where mores, ethics and normative principles have been obliterated. There are no religions, no professions, no norms. There is no gender, no childhood, no rights. What remains are only centrally controlled, evil but ridiculous State edicts and diktats.

“Get your Covid shot. Get your flu shot. That’s why God gave you two arms…” Dr. Ashish K. Jha, White House COVID Response Director

Were they going to do that in NHS, England, too?

Finland is not recommending the bivalent. I resolve to enquire on my hurried exit away from my genocidal colleagues. Faux-masked head nurse is standing with hi-vis vest and clipboard. There is an obedient queue of hypnotised, silent fodder with no social distancing. Evidently the imminent jabs provided seamless protection from their last. The queue trifurcates into three consultation rooms with open doors. Negotiating the corridor is like being captured in a hypodermic pinball machine.

Is it covid or flu, love? Both. Ok, have you survived them before? Yes (not true: not at the same time and not these particular concoctions). Ok, love in you go. ‘Love’ is in and out through the staff side exit in seconds. I stop in the corridor and ask the head nurse, “Aren’t they waiting before leaving?” The answer is no. She looks at me, in a crazed fluster. I am reminded of my response to her recent email: do you want the flu and covid? My terse reply: I am making my own arrangements. Time to go, before I am found out.

Dr Either Or

From a distance, my GP colleague gives his version of informed consent and bodily autonomy, ‘Do you want both in one arm or one in each? Both are fine by me.’ It should not be but it is. So the devout Dr Jha was wrong. God did not presciently give humans two arms for this specific world event.

Mrs Vaccine Allergy

In the jab frenzy, one lady patient does audibly declare some kind of covid vaccine ‘allergy’, but breathlessly appends a hurried apology, ‘but not to the flu (vaccine).’ It sounds like she had rehearsed what she should say in her mind before entering Jab Central Station. Clemency was given. She must have left feeling like a dead man walking leaving the gallows.

I wonder about her later in the end-of-day fugue that accompanies the job and a tired, old brain. What did she mean, exactly? Was it patient code? Did it mean, I’m reaching a compromise, to please you. I’ll take that unproven, speculative but relatively safe flu stuff, but not your botched bivalent blockbuster at triple warp-speed, thank you. Not after the serial monovalent massacres.

Maybe that was my wishful thinking. But there is an even more serious point. Where are the informed consent and the formulation of a patient-centric decision arrived at after a consultation between the patient and a trusted doctor nominated by said patient? There aren’t any.

I think of a different, recent, even more satanic time, when exemptions were by politburo and virtually impossible. What if the patient had been responding to an offer of covid jabs 1 and 2? Declaring a previous vaccine allergy was next to useless. One had to have nearly died of covid 1 to avoid 2. Number 1 was nearly unavoidable. Don’t believe me? Memories are short.

What suppressed carnage would the bivalent covid jabs wreak? Would nurses continue to jollily administer them, after all we know? There remains a large, malleable cohort of dutiful, trusting, and terrified patients. I struggle to concentrate on my work, but there are odours to exorcise. The door remains open.


NHS SMS flu and bivalent covid jab invitations are being cascaded to those aged 5 years and over. In spite of the contrary science. I am beginning to see the first wave of patients telling me they have fallen ill days after a combined double-jab, aka the Triple Wham. Chest infections and melaena are amongst my first compartmentalised, clinical anecdotes of side effects, never to see the real light of day because of the deliberate policy to suppress adverse events and promote a safe and effective lie.

The whole matter stank like a heap of steaming shit from the very beginning, yet all these professional medical and nursing numbskulls complied. Even many of those who now admirably crusade against the covid narrative.

‘Having Covid’

I, an unvaccinated GP, within earshot of this relentless conveyor-belt, should not be here. I should have been dismissed from English medical practice, 1st April 2022. Some of my patients still tut-tut to me about the non GMOs. The irony is of course massive, not least because some of the most rigid are those chesty ones who acquired bad bacterial respiratory illnesses without, or with likely coincidental or false covid positives. The type of illnesses which happened before and after 2020, but doctors no longer acknowledge. Many patients prefer to re-classify these as ‘having covid’ for sheer dramatic effect. They seem deflated when they tell me they ‘had covid’ and I remain unimpressed. I do not treat tests, I treat patients. This, they find very confusing.

Mrs Empyema, 57

One pleasant patient in this faux-covid bracket listened to the application of my strict diagnostic logic in her case. She had spent 6 weeks on intravenous antibiotics for an empyema, and double pneumonitis. I rapidly précised the late 2020 hospital notes. One could hear the enlightened, bunkered radiologist screaming off the report page, in full knowledge that he would be ignored by everyone: THIS APPEARANCE DOES NOT NECESSARILY IMPLY COVID INFECTION.

She listens to my opinion, impressed, until I point out the [pseudo-]vaccines were neither preventing transmission nor infection. One can visualise her potentiometer dropping several ohms to extremely patronising, her tone and pace lowering, her cadence distorting and she emits in a slow motion, ‘Oh … come … o—n.’ I could have, too. By countering with the legendary brown notes, ‘I’m unvaccinated.’ But, one knows how clinical odours must be regulated.

‘Oh … come … o—n.’

Tuesday 11th October 2022, European Parliament

Janine Small, president of international markets at Pfizer is asked by Dutch MEP Robert Roos whether the Pfizer vaccine had been tested on stopping transmission of the virus before it entered the market. She admitted it had not. The vaccine and vaccine passport are scams. The state lie was gargantuan, the media reaction is negligible.

Dutch MEP Robert Roos


Death by Triple Wham

Hallowe’en in the first week of November 2022. The descent of winter darkness is reminiscent of 5 months ago. Ping, ping and ping goes the computer screen. Three death notifications in one working morning in a small general practice is unprecedented. I nonchalantly remark on it to test the water in reception. ‘Oh, there was a fourth just now,’ breaths the young receptionist, anxiously. I looked at their senior, and quip, ‘Anything to do with the double (I make cartoon jab movements to both deltoids)? Feels like eugenics.’ Their captured eyes betray closet agreement. They know and suspect the same. I defuse the tension as it heightens by catching the concerned eyes of a third, “Cheaper housing.” There is a confused grimace, in response. She has scruples.

I check two of the four dead, both retired, previously well and perfect subjects for the flu and bivalent covid jabs. One dead four weeks and the other dead 3 days after the Triple Wham. It does not bode well.

The mask police are back with diminished authority

A return after the Hallowe’en weekend reveals the practice has arbitrarily re-imposed a mask mandate via SMS upon patients. The covid propaganda machine is revving up for winter. It is nearly three years after the pandemic and some of them are on 6 jabs. Still they comply and tremble. How long can this go on? It is a product of a financial elite imposing a belief system on the masses via a state apparatus.

Like a mother to a 7 year old snotty-nosed school boy, a young receptionist tut-tuts me in the corridor, admonishing with a “Where’s your hankie?”. ‘How can I tell the patients to wear a mask if you are not?’ I ignore her with an anarchic raised brow and a purse in my lips, peering over her masked head and call in the next poor victim of NHS communism.

So here it is, a conspiracy policed by young medical receptionists. It is my fault for not reinforcing the Lie. Naughty, ethical doctor. She is a projecting purveyor of murderous bullshit, of patently phoney propaganda. That the UKHSA has never countenanced anything but a safe and effective vaccine says it all.

Quite a lot of the grey brigade in the waiting room sit quivering, recalcitrant, unmasked and surly-faced. I feel them. They cannot take it anymore. It is the first time they have ever rebelled against authority. When invited by me in the safety of my consultation room, with varying degrees of dissemblance and thanks, all rip them off as if they were used toe-rags.

Guide Dog

There is a guide dog in the waiting room, it is not masked. It is not facetious to observe this. I have not forgotten. If your infant granddaughter were not enough to satiate your endless covid phobia, the propaganda attempted to turn man’s best friend into a cold, killing assassin, not to mention other pets.

Black November 2022

The NHS zeitgeist is evermore ‘precarious’ and ‘hopeless’. Patients passively accept a NHS ‘no-care’ policy. This month, the waiting rooms and the corridors are palpably colder than usual. But the clinic rooms are still mercifully warm. Is this more subliminal propaganda? Pensioners sit shivering in the NHS waiting room. It is an unwelcome and untimely full circle for them. At its birth, the NHS used to do something similar when they were children, to treat TB. It befits the end-of-times ambience which supranational and national state entities have curated with cynical skill and intent.

The silent, cautious eyes of schoolchildren

Children have also grown weary of state assault and a parental instruction: do not let them put anything in to you. Well-meaning, brainwashed, socialised school and social workers are denying parents liberty on many levels and conniving with biological assaults on little children. One may think they are lost in a make-believe world of smartphone passivity. I do not believe they are. They are watching and listening, when their time comes, this generation will not forget and will react with unpredictable social ferocity long after their abusers are decrepit and gone.

6 year old anti-vaxxer, pro-healther

A message pops up on the screen. Covid gene therapy virtue signalling. Well done, Everyone! Yesterday evening, a little girl who was, rather sanely, absolutely terrified of the unpredictable and unproven bivalent covid-19 jab was successfully persuaded to have it. Wellbeing Success! Or is it legalised, ritual child abuse, assault and attempted murder? Really well done to everyone involved!

There is no reason for a child to have this unquantified toxin. It is a spine tingling moment from a spineless movement. One not open to being open. Are these folk nuts? No. We are. In Ontario, we are to be counselled and medicated psychiatrically. Yet, in fascist Ontario, there is some light. An apolitical judge with nuance, science and sanity has found a mother can save her children from the covid jabs. The judgment deserves more attention.

Glamorous corporations like Balenciaga are promoting child abuse in astonishingly open ways. Like covid abuse it is an open secret which hardly anyone sees, questions or protests. Children have an especially unlikely and unpleasant place in covid, too. Why is there an unrelenting drive and public discourse by media, governments and Pharma (not least by Pfizer chief, Albert Bourla) to serially reverse-pimp an unnecessary, dangerous experimental gene therapy into the arms of our children? We know it provides a liability shield in the US, but that is no reason, and not enough globally. No one cancels either of them.

Deranged College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario recommends psychotherapy and psychiatric medication for humans making reasonable personal health choices.
‘Pedo-chic’: fashion world aestheticising child abuse.

Crewcut Girl, 12

This cool kid has a healthy fear of doctors. As an aside, her mother asks, ‘Do you deal with the covid boosters?’ I cannot workout if it is subliminal virtue signalling or whether mother may have been carefully selected me as someone she could trust to ask for considered advice. I give it. Daughter is pleading with her mother to agree with me. Maybe they had been contesting the point for sometime. Perhaps, Crewcut had read my counter-propaganda. Maybe the mother wanted a person in medical authority to say it was ok to say no. Crewcut fist-pumps the air in relief at the acceptance of my independent opinion. My conduct is what the type of totalitarian medical legislation proposed in California and Queensland is designed to stop. They are desperate to force, coerce and dupe everybody into an unnecessary dangerous biological intervention.

The Student Nurse, 23

What is it that is taught in medical schools and nursing schools throughout the globe this year? Have university revised the medical curriculum to follow the Syllabus according to Tedros, Gates and Devi Sridhar? Is it the scientific lie perpetrated in the last three years or the eternal truth of critical thinking, ethics and evidence that prevails in our captured institutions?

One young patient provided a taste of an answer. I lament to her that any current student or junior of nursing and medicine in a hospital had a bad start. Malpractice, fraudulent covid death certification, uncritical and unethical thinking has been their constant diet. She nods in ready agreement like someone who has not tasted water for years. Professional behaviour had ‘gone crazy’ in her hospital. Innocence is refreshing. Is anyone challenging their lecturers, matrons or consultants on the gaping gap between nursing theory and covid practice? No.

A problem for the layperson patient is trust in health professionals is so ingrained one would assume against better instinct that if the government were wrong in its medical advice, any doctor or nurse would instinctively curtail that risk in the patient’s best interest. That is exactly what is not happening. Many health carers have behaved like laypersons and worse. Ignorantly, or in pure obedience to stakeholder capitalism (fascism). They are failing their patients cognitively, ethically, and scientifically.

Ms Arthritic Baldy, 52. Frank information = Misinformation

A brave outlier patient with spontaneous, and worsening alopecia areata asks me whether the covid jabs could cause it. It can. Strangely, a few weeks earlier, her joints swelled up transiently, too, I only just noticed in the frenzy of a second 10 minute consultation (all basic and rheumatology screen blood tests negative, no personal or family history of rheumatological issues). She only asks because her hairdresser has seen a covid-related spate of baldness. I decide to repay her frankness in kind, after all, we UK doctors have a duty of candour. Even if the UK government, Big Tech, Ofcom and the GMC arbitrarily and selectively help suppress it as ‘misinformation’. She has had a dolly-mixture of jab brands, and regardless of her concern has returned recently and got the fifth. These could well be the cause of both her alopecia and arthritis.

I explain that I will be frank, in spite of being de facto censored by state threats, constrained by propaganda and may in the future be legally prevented from giving my independent, bespoke professional opinion. This, reassuringly, shocks her. MHRA stats? No idea. General jab concerns? Only what the hairdresser said. Clots? Oh yes, think I heard something about that somewhere. It is a remarkable cover-up in plain sight.

Three Sexagenarian Siblings, 60s

All in their 60s. Two hospitalised, one dead. Little brother collapsed before his shift with a massive myocardial infarction 2 months after last winter’s jab 3. Three resuscitations, three coronary stents, and 6 months later he is finally dead. One sister, also after jab 3 is simultaneously hospitalised by a brain clot in the same hospital as the brother. The other sister is now feeling terribly unwell after jab 4. They cannot see any connection. Will the surviving sisters be properly dead after number 5 + flu? We shall soon see. For those that can, it is like living in hell.

Another patient tells me she stopped at two jabs because too many people were dying soon after the flu/covid jab combo last winter. These are the deeper, incontrovertible statistics that cannot lie, cannot be proven and will not be acknowledged. They lie deep-rooted in family and community consciences. The statistics of the immediate and longterm damages of the jabs to the general population will be damning, should they ever be allowed to see the light of a non-politicised, impartial analysis.

Why are coroners not calling it out? It is their professional duty, regardless of definitions to call a spade a spade, a suspicious death a suspicious death. Some doctors, nurses and funeral directors have, but not many coroners. They, too, must be witnessing the unusual death activity. All one has to do is look at the relationship of jabs to deaths to confirm the concern. Nobody in office is. And so the killing will continue.

Mr Sepsis (divorced), 75

He is a lucky man. His ex-wife is literally nursing him back to health, wiping his balls and bum clean whilst he remains incapacitated. We joke, how does he do it? What is the secret to his endless charm? He had been hospitalised with a severe sepsis. They are both intelligent and well-informed. We get on. As they leave, she turns, sensing an opportunity. In that innocuous, self-effacing tone that only the upper classes can feign, ‘Oh, doctor, should he have the flu and covid, yet?’ I step back and measure them more. ‘Oh, I wouldn’t do that just yet. Why complicate matters when you are only just recovering?’ Her body in toto speaks of relief. She has found an excuse with which to fend of societal opprobrium, to protect her daughter’s father. I venture further, ‘Besides, many don’t seem to be doing too well after getting both in quick succession.’ There is a tacit agreement from them. They know this. I go further, ‘At least space them out, or if you wish, don’t bother at all. Do what you want. There isn’t even a pandemic.’ They leave smiling, relieved of state shackles.

Mrs Chestnut, 83

In response to a ‘feel free to take off your mask in my haven of science and logic’, this 83 year old, with impossibly chestnut hair delivers a possible conspiracy theory! ‘Doctor, do you know what I think?’ There is no pause, I have already invited myself to her thesis. ‘This virus is created in a lab to kill old people.’ Not bad, it fits. I accept the gauntlet. ‘What do you think of 5 jabs in 22 months?’ Silence. ‘Do you know the jabs were sold on an impossible lie?’ Silence. ‘Transmission and infection not stopped and possibly augmented?’ Silence. It seems I had her at mask but not vaccine. I stop and sort out her neck. It does not seem right to discuss the vaccine risks with a card-carrying convert on a fistful of jabs. For her, it is the creator of the virus who is the geronticidal maniac, Not the democidal genius behind endless genetic modulation. She has not considered it is the same behind both.

Edna Amnesiac and Peter Coincidence, 86 & 87

The next patient case is Edna. It is complex, not least for the haphazard hospital discharge letter written in broken logic and non-syntactical English. This is the smallest of its issues. It is riddled with factual errors and lacks a diagnosis or a conclusion. In the rush to turnout a patient, it spills out some tests done and some changes to the medication. It is left to me to forensically remake the letter. I know ten minutes are not enough as I canter over to call them in. Saving seconds means everything in this job. Edna is joined by her supportive husband, Peter. It takes nearly a minute to stand each other up and another two minutes to walk in without either of them tumbling into the magnolia-painted walls. I am distressed by their story.

She has been out a week, has no idea what went wrong. No idea she has missed a first appointment to check her kidneys post-discharge, and no idea her second is soon, to ensure her CRP has fallen from a hospital measurement of 172. CRP is a non-specific serum marker of acute inflammation. You don’t see them this high normally, even in ill, ill patients. Less than 5 is normal, and in general practice, anything over 50 might make one sit very upright. In a nutshell, she collapsed at home, hypotensive and semi-conscious. CT head NAD, presumed sepsis, ?cause. As soon as it can get rid of her the hospital does.

What exactly happened to cause her decline and hospital admission, I ask her more orientated husband? Peter sounds weak, too. ‘I don’t know.’ Why ever not, sir? I am irked out of concern for a consultation collapsing into directionless chaos…

‘Because I went into hospital, two days before Edna.’ This kind of unlikely coincidence is more often these days. The gauge of my internal jab-o-meter convulses abruptly.

I peer at Edna’s notes. She had the triple whammy – bivalent covid and flu jabs – 5 days before she became critically ill. She still looks awful and can still barely walk. The hospital had not even mentioned this crucial clinical event which had nearly killed her, and still might. Just like the baby from 2004, a multiple jab followed by a catastrophic biological inflammatory event. And no recognition of this possibility from the medical or nursing professions.

Peter continues, ‘Last year she also had both together and could not get out of bed for a week.’ I ask them how they feel about the fact the jabs don’t do what they say on the tin, how they nearly killed her and how she is on her fifth: ‘Well, we’re just doing what we’re told.’ How do they feel about future jabs: ‘Well I don’t really think we want them.’ Will they cave in again? Most likely. Will they survive it? Spin the wheel.

I interrogate Peter’s notes. He had the double jab 4 days before his hospitalisation. When our nurse visited him at home to triple wham him, he didn’t jab the wife. Peter panicked, he called the nurse back to his home to do his missus. That nurse is the Agency one who in October tried to requisition my room. It should not go unappreciated that their are thousands of Ednas and Peters globally. Some of them survive, some have a reduced life expectancy, some die quickly, some surreptitiously, but never will a jab delivered by a government agent be the culprit.

Nurse Agent 007

Our 007 of retired Nurses is still grifting a few quid to top up his NHS pension, fancy new car, Walther PPK syringe and silencer, Licensed to Kill. He enters and leaves through peoples’ trusted front doors wreaking domestic and community chaos as if nothing ever happened. Likely he has no idea. Only I see his aftermath.

He has either assumed I am one of his cult, or one of the covid underclass. On two occasions he has chased my buttocks with an imaginary jab-action shotgun down the surgery corridor in a slapstick Carry on Nurse capering style. The first time, I called his bluff and bent over double to present my rump in mockery. The second time he tried it on, his having not sensed the pathos of my first bluff, sent shivers up my spine. He was entirely impervious to the risk and nuance of his being an accessory to the greatest medical scandal ever. Nurse 007 is not very bright. He strikes me as the cannon fodder of frontline warfare, a blunt instrument positioned dangerously with an automatic weapon.

Mr & Mrs Octogenarian Neighbours

My dear neighbours Claude and Iris are conspiracy realists. After jabs 1 & 2, 2021 Iris was hospitalised with a lower gastrointestinal bleed, and Claude was left at home to descend into an unanchored abyss. She survived and lived to book them in for 3 and 4. They looked at me as if I had gone mad when I entreated them to not be so cavalier. This winter it is different. Iris is a renaissance woman. She has been to line dancing and heard that they are falling ill in droves with the triple whammy. Neither she or her husband are having either: ‘Five jabs and still testing healthily covid positive? Why it’s rid-ic-u-lous!’

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, 94

Sherefused the 4th jab, she entreats me in a weak voice over the phone, ‘Please tell them to stop sending me reminders for the fifth, doctor – it is like torture.’ I know the feeling. It is worse than those never-ending TV licence letters threatening fines and surveillance. I’d rather watch the BBC than be jabbed. Not that I watch its propaganda or have a licence. ‘Of course, Mrs Contrary,’ I rattle off a task to reception as we talk: STOP INVITING PATIENT FOR COVID JABS, IT IS DISTRESSING HER.

She continues, ‘My friend had to have them to keep her job at the care home. Ohh, doctor, I’ve never seen such terrible times.’ I think about that statement. Here is a lady born in 1927, child of the fall-out of WW1, a survivor of WW2 and an existential Nazi threat. WW3, Globalist Elites v Humanity has been far worse for her.

Grandma TCP, 95, A voice from the grave

As some of you will have read here, in early 2021 Grandma died aged 95, no medications, and all marbles, sphincters and limbs intact. It was a rapid demise over 5 days from heart failure. Normally, a cause for celebration of a healthy, long life. The NHS were determined to sully it. It was the usual ploy, put her on a covid ward to die, hope she tested positive for covid, and even if she did not, list covid as a cause of death, as if death on a covid ward was reasonable belief enough. Doctors are required to certify causes of death “to the best of their knowledge and belief”. She even tested negative on the ward, but that did not stop them putting her there, nor the junior doctor writing covid as a cause of death. We challenged it as the ink was still drying. A rapid scurry and revision corrected the insult to a simple dead woman. This wilful, semi-conscious NHS forgery has been happening on an industrial scale. Falsifying death certificates is a criminal offence.

It gets worse, sadly. One and a half years later. There is a voice from the grave. An old friend calls after a long time. Grandma was actually hospitalised two days after jab 1, and dead 5 days later. We know because she called her old friend, upset. The NHS and next-of-kin held her down and got her done. Another mortal snatch and grab. She was coerced into it by them. Sudden cardiac death is a real, established concern after covid jabbing. She will not even be recorded as a vaccine death, since the crooks define vaccine death impossibly. She was against medication, even a vitamin.

The irony of the NHS death certificate falsifications, definition doublespeak and statistical fraud is not lost in my personal distress. If I were wishing to legally try get rid of an elderly relative, I would book a simultaneous bivalent and flu jab and scarper, hoping for the very worst. For good measure, just add a shingles and a pneumovax, too if they qualify. A GP practice will quickly arrange a domiciliary visit. Such are the pecuniary gains. Where doctor home visits are in short supply, our practice is only too glad to send out a cheap nurse agent for a pharmaceutical accumulator.

These are the most vulnerable to the Big Lies of Covid: the most medically vulnerable. They are the infirm, unwell, and cognitively-impaired sitting alone in cold homes and lying exposed in nursing homes. No relatives to shield them, no accessible, alternative internet information to inform them. They are medical fodder, and lambs to the state slaughter.

‘What can we do?’ say slayers and slain alike, ‘We’re just doing what we we’re told.’

14th November 2022, London

Dr Aseem Malhotra, mainstream popular cardiologists calls for the Moderna and the Pfizer jabs to be withdrawn in his talk, ‘Has Big Pharma Hijacked Evidence-Based Medicine?’ It is sensational and damning content for the uninitiated masses. It does not make the mainstream news. Their interest is in investors, not human safety. The cover up is only possible because the inequality of arms outweighs the pristine truth. Dr Malhotra’s two covid jab research papers can be accessed here and here.

Dr Malhotra drops truth bombs. Media: Silent

Winter 2022

Killing Fields

Total Practice deaths: 8 in October, 20 in November. None of them of, with or by ‘covid’.

Mr Slow Killing, 81

Interred indefinitely in a care home, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Chest infection, 14 days post triple whammy, never recovered. Dead 6 weeks post triple whammy. Placed on to an end of life protocol. Surely the jabs were the way to prevent this type of respiratory disease death? No one makes a link. The statistics if ever they see the light of critical day will not lie.

Mrs Frozen to Death, 83

The final death in November is an 83 year old female, recently given oral antibiotics for a mild chest infection more likely acquired courtesy of deliberate, manufactured energy poverty policy. Found hypothermic on living room floor, no heating on in the house. Dead in hospital 24 hours later. Her cold corpse an effigy to the determination of EU-NATO to crush a post-USSR, multipolar and diverse world at the expense of the wider, world population.

A Bureaucratic Democide

Excess deaths are astonishing

I compare these monthly death rates in a 10,000 patient practice to the 5 covid deaths in nine months by September 2020 (all elderly and with co-morbidities) in an accumulated practice population of 16,000. This during the peak of the pandemic hypochondriasis and hysteria. The US, Germany, and Australia statistics are showing similar concerns.

What will December and January bring? This is the UK, winter 2022. More doctors, more money, even more morbidity and mortality, and a deliberate policy-led, ritual lynching of us and the NHS on behalf of the corporates who eye the private health pie an NHS death will bake. This is why the NHS can no longer cope.

ONS week 46 data. Since 1st April 2022, 30 of 34 weeks have produced excess deaths in England & Wales. Average excess deaths over this period have been 1,164 per week. The total excess deaths for the entire 34 weeks equals 39,591. By the end of the year, this could approach 60,000 excess deaths. This would challenge the 2020 corrupted statistical covid pandemic deaths. Silence from Media and Government. No one in government panicking, locking down covid vaccination centres and building Nightingale hospitals and vaccine damage centres for these dead. If this is the excess mortality, the excess morbidity may be orders greater.

Source: ONS

December 2022

The First week of December sees the temperature in the consultation rooms fall to barely comfortable. The weekend sees the heat completely switched off. Mondays are intolerably cold, now. My straightforward ultrasound, CT scan and MRI requests are regularly being declined by anonymous bureaucrats who have never seen nor examined my patients. This is new. If I am to obtain scans, I now must seek permission from a hospital specialist. It is another unnecessary inefficiency and ill-health initiative inserted into the collapsing NHS algorithm. An MRI scan now takes 7-8 months and rising to come to fruition. Appointments with hospital specialists are almost a thing of the past. If one is obtained, it is commonly very delayed and by telephone. A referral by a GP to a hospital colleague has become superseded by a desperate plea for hands-off written advice, in recognition of the impossibility of a timely referral. By its pretence to offer appropriate care, NHS policy and conscious mismanagement is killing its patients.

Mr Extremely Mesmerised

Another cult message on the surgery computer system, Mr Extremely Mesmerised has messaged us on last night’s out-of-hours jab-rave. He writes, ‘Wow! So efficient. I barely sat down. It ran like a well-oiled machine.’ If only the same could be said for normal healthcare in the remaining 99.9% of the NHS. The last time medical staff worked with such clinical efficiency may have been Nazi Germany.

1st December 2022

Dr Chris Whitty, Government Stooge

His job today is Limited Hangout. Lockdown was Democide. He sounds surprised. Why? We all knew it was. Reading between the lines his headline should read: People, prepare to continue to die more. What he does not yet acknowledge is his jabs killed, are killing and will continue to kill. For the time being, by this incomplete admission they are preferring pharmaceutical share value over a complete, open rubber-stamping of totalitarianism. It is a small victory of sorts.

Whitty ignores the very real contribution to escalating cardiac disease and death his continuing jab recommendation is making. Seemingly oblivious, health charities such as the BHF see, hear and speak no jab risk. Why would they risk their state-corporate funding? Instead, Whitty focuses on cancer deaths caused by missed diagnoses, but not on cancer-causing covid jabs. This is telling.

Covid Jabs Causing Cancer

Whitty should be aware of this serious concern. Professor Angus Dalgleish, oncologist, Dr. Michel Goldman, immunologist and any sentient generalist like me is.

B-Cell cancers

Professor Dalgleish outlines serious, cogent concerns about covid jabs in this concise letter to the BMJ, watch him speak with Dr Tess Lawrie, here and below.

Professor Angus Dalgleish & Dr Tess Lawrie. (34:42 – 35:52) re. jab immunosuppression promoting cancer, “What we are seeing now is people are ok until they have the booster … the regulators have a duty to see is this really true … It’s not going to show up in death figures for several months, by which time it could be a catastrophe.” I agree. It already is.

T-Cell cancers

Brothers, Drs Michel and Serge Goldman report an extraordinary but not exceptional case, here. It is a very concerning: a T-cell lymphoma developed 5 month post Pfizer 1&2. Rapid Progression after jab 3. The first medical author is the radiologist brother of the corresponding author/immunologist/patient. Booster jab 3 was given in an erroneous attempt to protect this ‘immunosuppressed’ patient prior to chemotherapy. That the immunosuppressant jab seems likely to have caused and progressed the lymphoma is very ironic. Spoiler alert – the patient still feels jabs are worth it; writing this may be the price paid to achieve publication.

Dr Michel Goldman’s post covid jab, and post booster lymphoma-ridden body, see report, here

2nd December 2022

Midazolam Matt

Matt Hancock, Democidal Maniac, MP has successfully transitioned to Democratically Elected Celebrity. This is more careful perception management. He is an immoral and unethical lead actor in a criminal joint enterprise. Boris Johnson’s father says Hancock should be forgiven. Evidently, the globalists want their best Dr. Mengele back, rehabilitated by hook or crook. Back with more skin in the eugenics game. Why wasn’t he made to take the midazolam challenge in the jungle? His participation was key in a horrific, wholehearted, ritualised looting, torture and killing of our people.

Hancock has determined on his return he will marshal a brotherhood of dyslexics upon parliament as an artful distraction. It is as if he is mentally writing his own sick-note. Why won’t he join forces with Sir Christopher Chope and fight for the jab-damaged and dead? That is where his expertise lies, and that is where a champion is desperately needed.

Hancock’s dyslexic Diary of a Political Sociopath, true to his narcissistic personality admits no fault, no responsibility, no remorse. He defends from behind the unreasonable hyperbole of his own faux covid propaganda, hiding behind a quote from Chris Whitty who ‘warned officials 820,000 people in UK could die from COVID’. It is not true. But what could come true is more will die from his government’s covid policies made on his watch. He points a crooked finger at Ex-NHS boss, Simon Stevens. They are finally turning on each other.

Hancock omits all the important facts. He was aware of these. Many doctors wrote to him and the government to raise concerns, including the UKFMA and me. These kinds of speculative, propagandist estimates were unreasonable, even at the time. It has been ably demonstrated none of his covid measures had a hope of being helpful. Toxic policy, toxic jabs, toxic personality. No doubt when all excuses founder, he will take to blaming dyslexia for his failures and misconduct.

6th December 2022


“Authorisation has today been granted for a new presentation of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (Comirnaty) for use in infants and children aged 6 months to 4 years.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has authorised the vaccine in this new age group after it has been found to meet the UK regulator’s standards of safety, quality and effectiveness, with no new safety concerns identified. This decision has been endorsed by the Commission on Human Medicines, after a careful review of the evidence.

This presentation is specially designed for this new age group and given at a lower dose compared to that used in individuals aged 5 to 11 years (3 micrograms compared with 10 micrograms). It is given as three injections in the upper arm, with the first two doses given 3 weeks apart, followed by a third dose given at least 8 weeks after the second dose.

In reaching their decision, the MHRA’s experts carefully reviewed data from an ongoing clinical trial involving 4,526 participants. The common, expected side effects (reactogenicity) were in-keeping with what can be anticipated from a vaccine in this age group.

It will be for the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to determine if the vaccine will be recommended for use in this age group as part of the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination programme.”

This in spite of all the known dire jab risks, jab ineffectiveness, no extant pandemic, no risk to this group, outdated variant-specific formulations, and despite a study published in JAMA of 7,806 children aged five or younger showing 1 in 500 hospitalised with jab adverse-effects, and one in 200 had symptoms ongoing for weeks or months afterwards. Surely the risks far outweigh benefit or need? Read the combined response to the JCVI of the excellent, evidenced and ethical CCVAC (Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council) and HART (Health Advisory & Recovery Team) Group.

Why does anyone trust Dame Dr June Raine? She believes her MHRA duty does not include preventing the government killing people. She believes her Gates-funded MHRA is transformed from Government Watchdog to 86% Pharma-funded Pharmaceutical Enabler.

8th December 2022

Sincerest thanks to Bob Moran and The Democracy Fund for Bob’s cartoons.

The Covid Physician is (still) an unheroic NHS doctor. This article is a personal view and does not necessarily represent the views of the NHS. Patient details have been anonymised.

Dr. TCP tweets at @tcp_dr, Blogs here & Substacks here.

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