The covid narrative was an unwelcome reminder of corrupt Pharma, medicine, and science. Medical history is littered with examples. Covid is the zenith of a recurring crime against humanity: profit from fear-mongering whilst poisoning the whole of it. Many whistle-blowing doctors’, scientists’ and journalists’ ruined reputations and dead patients line the long road to covid absolutism. One will see blood on state, corporate and professional hands in the miracle of polio vaccines and the genesis of AIDS; and compromise in the quality of scientific proof for HIV, to name a few amongst many egregious but forgotten examples of neglected medical controversies.

My medical practice was but one tiny orbit invaded by a confusing storm of covid neologisms and ideology, so I hesitated to react whilst I regained my bearings. When no amount of reason and data would dissuade government from its murderous cooperation with such corruption I found increasing cause for concern. The state seemed complicit in corporate crimes. It became worse. A gargantuan propaganda and censorship of information conspired to maintain the biggest public lie of our lifetimes.

As it seemed the matter could not get worse, it did. Forcible and coerced therapy by psychological, legal and socioeconomic manipulation crushed the spine of humane values humanity was said to hold sacrosanct.

Men of religion, the media, every human institution under the sun enjoined and celebrated the lie.

As individuals many, perhaps most, held reservations, but as a global group, humans bonded by a Big Tech curated fears, we shuffled together in increments on a well-lain plank.

We were persuaded to immediately sacrifice our lives and our health to stop a condition that could not, would not and did not need to be stopped. It was part state-of-mind, part bureaucratic, part spurious, and part transmissible agent, but mostly an unquantified and unqualified phenomenon brewed by state apparatus, apparatchiks and the hyenas around and within the WHO.

Were that not bad enough, when the dams of censorship broke, and a brave cottage industry of counter-propagandist doctors and scientists congealed to tell the world their truths, it did not change a damn thing. I am discovering late in my professional life that many like me have tried and failed to be sustainedly heard for centuries. The fight is against a paradigm of greed not easily broken.

Our elected abusers simply sweetened the leash and lulled us back to slumber with more contradictory lies. No tyranny this week! There is a new variant of concern. No masks mandate… except in the NHS. You may travel … to some places but not others. The jabs are a success but stop Astra-Zeneca and carry on boosting. It is unsafe to to seek medical help, but ‘Eat out to help out!’. Covid is over. No, it is not. NHS workers must be vaccinated, else the sack. NHS workers no longer need to be vaccinated. The new variants require new jabs.

Two years after the event we are being advised to jab children with old toxic jabs for even more innocuous, new, resistant variants. Why?

There was never any plague out there in every street killing all and sundry. People simply acted as if there were. It was as if children were make-believing with no external reality check of a parent shouting them in for supper. Even when the truth of the crime is out, we act as a group as if it is not. Both perpetrators and victims in denial and connivance.

It is a bitter pill made easier to ingest by the distraction of a well-timed, preventable and concocted conflict of blood-brothers across the Donbas region. Even this comes tainted with accusations of US bio-labs peddling international biowarfare. Nothing is simply what it seems.

The easy availability of diverse online information does seem inversely proportional to the masses’ power for critical thinking. In my surgeries I have watched the flag of mass delusion pass from the black fist of BLM, to NHS rainbows, to mass genetic inoculation, to the golden grain and blue sky of Ukraine in one panoramic swoop representing two years of a cataclysmic decline in the human condition.

One professional organisation exhorted me to donate to an overseas political charity as the ‘pandemic’ ‘began’, and, now as it is reluctantly being ‘allowed’ to ‘end’ by the tyrants in our communities, another ingrained professional organisation issues me misguided ‘Guidance’ on how to fund Ukraine’s nationalism. A violent, bloody nationalism which may be self-undermined by a pending application to join the EU. Insane, melodramatic covid measures have already disrupted the global economy, why now create global food shortages, fuel poverty and stoke a perpetual war, right on Europe’s doorstep?

Puck Free Speech

When the lens through which the microcosms and macrocosms of our lives are focused is Big Tech’s mass propaganda, it is easy to fall into despair. Even the functional distraction of WW3 is not so comforting. As we are briefly allowed to come up for air, the unelected and thoroughly corrupted WHO seeks more sweeping global sovereign powers, and the UK parliament is unnecessarily seeking to secure mastery over internet information through euphemism. The Online ‘Safety’ Bill. Whose safety? Whose mis-/dis-information? This approach is being mirrored internationally.

The General Medical Council (GMC) have moved to quash free and honest scientific discourse further in doctors’ public communications, including on social media. It appears to have learned nothing good from a failed, illegal attempt to crush the voice of a doctor who clinically disagreed with the propaganda of Whitehall. Its suggested revisions (see paragraph 74) to its regulations only serve to make doctors more slave to the subjective opinion of politicians and activists:

Domain 4. Maintaining Trust

Patients must be able to trust medical professionals with their lives and health, and medical professionals must be able to trust each other.

Good medical professionals uphold high personal and professional standards of conduct. They are aware of how their actions and decisions may affect other people’s trust in them, and wider public perceptions of, and trust in, their profession

74. When communicating publicly as a medical professional you must:

a) be honest and trustworthy

b) make clear the limits of your knowledge

c) make reasonable checks to make sure any information you give is not misleading

d) declare any conflicts of interest

e) maintain patient confidentiality.

This applies to all forms of written, spoken and digital communication

The doctor’s impossible task of “Maintaining trust with ‘the public’ by being honest and not misleading” is rife with subjectivity and unresolved internal tension. The GMC’s provisions risk further undermining public trust by encouraging doctors to conspire in a cartel on faux trust and by stifling free speech.

The ‘public’ deserves and should reasonably expect frank, diverse and honest medical debate, and scientific discourse. It is unfortunate for democracy that a quasi-judicial medical practitioners tribunal panel variably constituted of three people decides how the whole public is minded.

The GMC, its executive doctors, Ofcom and media doctor government mouthpieces have been more or as guilty as anyone else in dishonestly spreading misinformation and disinformation (let us just call it opinion) on social media or elsewhere, but the difference is theirs are establishment opinions the state wants propagated.

It has long been the case that anyone or anything detracting from the profit of Pharma was denied an equal forum in mainstream scientific journals which are either owned by conflicting investment interests and/or reliant on Pharma advertising revenue. So, where does a doctor voice serious concern? Where does it leave the honest, caring doctor’s counter-establishment ideas, opinion or belief? The answer of the last two years is nowhere. You will be ignored, vilified by and snuffed out from the system. Have these bodies not realised the genesis of all unreasonable prejudice and ‘-isms’ is oppressing and censoring those whom one believes are unworthy of expression?

There are further proposals attached to the The Online ‘Safety’ Bill to proscribe anonymous free speech. Where does that leave outlets such as this blog? The legislation is chilling to free speech, discussion and scientific discourse whilst heartwarming for tyrants. Political opinions are said to be protected, but what if they are in regard to covid measures, which masquerade as apolitical, medical measures? It ought be clear to anyone with sentience that human knowledge is no knowledge at all. It does not come fixed and finalised with a government guarantee of force.

The Matrix

If global truths are now the result of a forced, mass acceptance of rotten ideas, how does this happen? One way is to elide the individual. Dr. C. G. Jung regretted the loss of individuation, and saw it as a root cause of the brutalities of both World Wars. Eleanor Roosevelt witnessed the same horrors and realised that recognising and protecting the individual’s freedoms was paramount in the prevention of future genocides and crimes against humanity. Her belief led to the drafting of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Nuremberg Code and the UN Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights are written in the same tradition of the sanctity of the individual. What would she have made of the systematic elision of individual rights by the 21st century versions of the United Nations and the WHO?

There seems an unhealthy relationship between microcosmic and macrocosmic phenomena in our 21st century lives. The covid narrative has been central to the rapid restructuring of this phenomenological matrix. I have seen it first-hand in my medical practice, as I have witnessed the so-called covid positives who overwhelmingly remain well, and asymptomatic, whilst I also witness the illness which closely follows waves of jabbing with unnecessary gene therapy.

As a general background, in my personal clinical practice there has been a general sense of rising blood pressures, clots, heart disease, menstrual disturbances and shingles which tend to mirror the serial ‘vaccination’ waves accompanied by an alarming fall in lymphocyte counts. Such was the prevalence last winter, it became common practice of my colleagues to simply ignore and file low lymphocyte count as ‘normal’. Inexplicable severe hypertension of those who were already long treated and stabilised has been another unusual feature. I shared my observations with a nursing colleague who nodded without hesitation. A rare moment of clinical frankness in this time of covid tyranny ended in black comedy. As I exited her clinic room, our studiously silent eyes met, and I quickly asked, ‘Do you think it’s … ?’ as I feigned a jabbing motion with both hands randomly slinging modified mRNA, accompanied by a squirting sound. She lost her reserve and giggled in approval. Human tragedy has descended into farce.

If this were not dystopian enough, the government and its authorities who are charged with caring for their citizens have turned a blind eye to the death and illness invoked by their pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical policies, as they continue to use their fatal and failed measures to entrench their medical tyranny into our personal lives. Even worse, the government has had to resort to censoring itself. Its health propagandists, the UKHSA can no longer hide that its own data suggests to varying degrees the more one is jabbed the more ill and dead one may become. Therefore, no more such statistics will be released. How about this headline for a parting shot by the UKHSA: “Vaccinated Hospitalised for Non-Covid Reasons at FIVE Times the Rate of the Unvaccinated, U.K. Government Data Show

It is equally or more arguable than the converse to say the jabs and non-pharmaceutical policies have inevitably failed, are life-threatening, make the covid situation far worse and were unnecessary. Cheap, safe alternative treatments were, and are still available. This opinion becomes more sustainable and factual by the day, as the authorities and their formidable propaganda machine fall more and more into denial.

Every patient has been directly touched by the over-arching narrative and most responded with either happy, fearful or unwilling compliance. A significant minority who have good data, wealth or pure, moral grit remain stoically unvaccinated.

I will illustrate this human spectrum encountered in my professional practice.


As I drive in to work in a sleepy town, I am met by fresh Ukrainian flags perforating the skyline. There are still the gates, and pallets lying on country roads painted in the fading colours of the rainbow thanking the NHS for scaring the hell out of us. There are no flags for Yemen nor Russia. I daresay no one would recognise these latter flags, but if someone did, it might lead to a bloody nose for Russia or nothing at all for Yemen. I pass one gentleman, and hold open a door for him. He thanks me, and I nod to him. He is animated, and happy. Who can blame him? The state apparatus is behind his thought patterns. He wears a sky blue hoody with a Ukrainian flag printed on it bearing the words ‘Puck Futin’.

Nothing about this fazes me except the brazenness of a grown man being so openly committal to symbology and semiotics. He is entitled to his opinions. I am not entitled to openly share serious professional, clinical concerns. I am not sure of his geopolitical knowledge but I imagine his consent was not fully informed when he was serially Pucked by Fharma.

I am very conscious that only Ukrainian and pro-pharma symbology seem allowed. Russia is as institutionally condemned as is playing Tchaikovsky, saying ‘White Lives Matter’, ‘Brexit’ or ‘I do not want unnecessary, forced, coerced, experimental gene therapy’. We are led to believe by the bots that all people who behave thus are a wrong, silly and dangerous minority. These minority groups’ diversities and equalities are certainly not to be celebrated by Netflix or our school teachers.

At work, I have a patient consulted with for the umpteenth time. He is liberal, polite, careful and obsessed with his health. The government have labelled him clinically extremely vulnerable. He has dutifully responded with four toxic jabs, thus, in my opinion risking serially suppressing his immune system more. But that is the diktat his specialist is aping. Neither the patient, me nor his specialist are trained to know much about vaccines.

Until now, I have been dealing with him on the phone about his previously well-controlled hypertension. Now it is not, and won’t fall even with additional medication. He has been meticulous in recording BP measurements on a spreadsheet, and unusual in asking why he is hypertensive. Many doctors and patients just accept it as mainly an age and lifestyle issue. He once did, but now seems interested to ask the question. I respect his inquisitiveness, and am open to a frank discussion. There would have to be limits, I may not question his wisdom of repeatedly and unnecessarily poisoning and immuno-suppressing himself with an experimental compound, nor may I hypothesise the jab was behind the unstable BP. This would conflict with his government program, and cause offence. How carefully had he questioned the jabs before he had them? Did he question them as rigorously as his hypertension? He was a charming fellow, but I realised his concrete boundaries upon the corner of his right lapel, resplendent as it was with the new sign of our times, a discrete and shiny Ukrainian flag pin.

I have patients who, after third and fourth jabs, have experienced thromboembolic side-effects and continue to contract covid-positive tests. Their response is to consider they would have been worse without the jabs. This is accompanied by a sincerely held wish for their fourth and fifth jabs.


The opposite end on the spectrum is less common, but first l will deal with hope in the form of the prevailing attitude of the average patient. Generally, after two years they are quietly sussing out the jab and the government. Less have third and fourth jabs, and by the grace of God even less unnecessarily push their young toward them, given the grave scientific concerns. The government has resiled and lost its nerve as the public has rediscovered a small part of its backbone. What the government and its bodies refuse to do is basic and revealing. It cannot even acknowledge, let alone investigate, jab concerns. More unforgivably it continues to move to needlessly risk children’s lives.

If you were to enter my NHS surgery where mask mandates are still in place, you will be asked by a receptionist to wear a mask and wait. You will be met by one doctor, who will not wear a mask and greets you with a smile, offers you a seat and says you are welcome to remove your mask. For added encouragement that doctor will reasonably say this would help in examining you. Increasingly, you will remove it. In the last 6 months only two have declined. Some will surreptitiously and magically slide off the mask after initial internal resistance, mid-consultation, usual when I turn my head away. Many will rip it off saying, ‘Thank God, I can’t breath properly with it on’. I will reassure them by agreeing that I feel the same way. If they say they were told to put the mask on by the receptionist, I tell them in my consultation room I practice evidence-based medicine, not politics. It keeps me sane.

The extremest, opposite end is less common but far more touching and sad. A young labourer man in his early thirties strides in without his mask. I am heartened. Our smiles and firm handshakes meet. He is unvaccinated, a rarity in this obedient semi-rural community. He has a minor chest issue and searchingly tells me he is unvaccinated. I congratulate him and, I kid you not, he clasps his hands half in relief, half in prayer, and nearly gets on his knees as he collapses with elbows on to my desk. ‘Oh, thank God I have a doctor like you! Why can’t they all be like you? What’s wrong with everybody? They have lost their minds.’ His tone becomes more desperate, ‘Doctor, I am not having it. Three of my colleagues had it, one was young. They all had heart attacks soon after’.

This is what a de facto universal injunction on free expression, and coerced gene therapy in a bio-tyranny feels like, should the scales ever fall from one’s eyes. It is patients like this who have watched in disbelief and horror for two years as captured TV medics captured the public with an incessant infusion of fear. No wonder they cannot trust us.

His are not uncommon observations, but not ones my medical colleagues appear to be making or acknowledging. He is one of the more astute. I am more impressed by his medical insight than that of my colleagues. We have the advantage of front row medical seats.

He is a key-worker. He is not a member of the laptop class who may sit at home working or was subsidised by the state to do nothing but comply with its own demise. Nor is he of the business class who snatched state covid grants, incentives and loans. All were to some degree covid narrative extras on a global filmset. This poor working man is a protagonist, with the socioeconomic odds stacked against him he stands up like a Braveheart to the tyrants and the herd.


It is easy for the government to audit the various health concerns raised herein. It happened to presciently make several legislative moves to widen access to our computerised NHS patient records during covid and the mass experimentation upon the UK. General Practice Data for Planning and Research Directions 2021 were revoked following protests. If the government wished, a few taps on a computer might reveal exactly what happened to our collective lymphocyte counts, anti-coagulation prescribing, miscarriages, stroke and heart disease rates and so forth in relation to covid waves and covid jabs. It is doubtful it would openly conduct such straightforward studies, given its pathological denial, censorship and lack of acknowledgement of well-founded, serious concerns. It seems the jabs will always be unimpeachable in the eyes of the state, even when they are not. There is some comfort in a recent decision of the Indian Supreme court which appears to have upheld bodily integrity, personal autonomy and transparency in reporting jab adverse effects.

I have previously characterised the problems of covid ideology as a phenomenon of international political bipolarity, but this view assumes an interchange and a genuine difference between two points. Such is the asymmetry of information and hegemony over ideas, I see the issue better as an overwhelming global mono-polarisation toward a single undemocratic, illiberal and opaque idea. Obey or perish. There is no alternative. No question, no debate. Will a multipolarity re-emerge from this delusion?

As the ideology of covid has superficially remitted, the management of the sizeable practice in which I am fugitive has declared next Thursday a fancy-dress fund-raiser for Ukraine. These are the priorities of a battered, end-stage NHS. I would not mind so much, but there does not even seem to be a safe space for political neutrality in a health service, let alone for safe medical practice.

Where now? TCP wants out, but is curious to see how the story ends. That point when access to free movement, food and currency becomes absolutely and inextricably digitally linked to vaccination and bio-obedience is upon us. Worse is to come, and someone must despatch from the trenches. An income is necessary, but not at the expense of fundamental medical ethics, nor to satiate the corporate-captured state. Puck Farliament.

8th May 2022

The Covid Physician is (still) an unheroic NHS doctor. This article is a personal view and does not necessarily represent the views of the NHS. Patient details have been anonymised. Dr. TCP tweets at @tcp_dr and blogs at at tcp.art.blog

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33 thoughts on “PUCK COVID”

  1. Thank you for this article. Unexpectedly, I cried. To be greeted by a doctor in the manner you described- no wonder your patient almost fell to the floor in amazement.

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  2. The Great Covid Fiasco at least sent me reading on the internet. I found two things about vaccines that I value.

    (i) Flu jabs don’t work so after a couple of decades of taking them I have stopped.

    (ii) Other vaccines: there are patterns of doing more good than harm, and doing the contrary, that I had not heard of. https://sebastianrushworth.com/2022/02/12/non-specific-vaccine-effects-with-dr-christine-stabell-benn/

    Now then: what shall I do about the offer of a pneumonia jab? I’ve settled on “The NHS has taught me to distrust its every word so if you are recommending it I’m not taking it!” It sounds a bit childish but I think it might be wise.

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    1. I was lucky enough to be studying ‘Global Warming’ around 2000, where exactly the same situation occurred – inaccurate expert claims stoking up a panic which was then maintained by collusion, propaganda and suppression of any dissenting information by a compliant media – including all of the most renowned and trusted establishment figures.

      Consequentally, I was well placed to disbelieve the Covid misinformation panic almost immediately. And I am now in the strange position of not only having lost trust in the medical profession, but also in practically every other human grouping which operates with establishment processes and practices. I am waiting for bridges to start falling down as the Engineering establishment succumb to Woke Mathematics….

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      1. I remember you, dodgy – Climate Audit, Bishop Hill etc. Halcyon days, eh? I am, I fear, in exactly the same boat as you.
        Anyway, many thanks to TCP. It’s material like this that keeps many of us sane. And, as a bonus treat, all written in superb prose. Great work.

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  3. “He has been meticulous in recording BP measurements on a spreadsheet, and unusual in asking why he is hypertensive.”

    Maybe you could approach the question of jabbing indirectly. “Let’s check your vitamin D level now and then we’ll schedule another blood draw for a vitamin D test to be done following your next jab. Be sure and let me know when you are planning to go so that we can schedule it. It has to be done precisely 3 days after the vaccination. It could be that your vitamin D physiology is somehow susceptible to vaccination.”


  4. What an absolutely awesome insightful article on the tragedy and deceit of COVID by Government, Big Pharma and the medical and scientific establishment. Exceptional writing.

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  5. Thank you for this blog; it’s restored a tiny bit of confidence in the medical profession. I am in my early ’60s and un-jabbed (I meet the personal characteristics given in the article).

    I was never scared of Covid and I doubt if I will ever consult my GP again. The only thing I am fearful of is the controlled, dystopian future they are planning for us.

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  6. I too wish you were my GP. I got into conversation with a middle aged female GP in a bar a few months ago and mentioned ivermectin. ‘Horse tranquilliser’ she immediately responded.
    I was astounded at her degree of ignorance about a Nobel prize winning drug.
    I am in my seventies and like a previous commenter said will probably never visit a GP again such is my distrust

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  7. Dear TCP

    I have read some of your fascinating articles today – for the first time.

    I have often wondered what it must be like to be a GP who understands the true horror of what the covid vaccines are doing to the public in general – and children and the pregnant in particular.

    It is quite clearly a complete nightmare. You cannot say to your patients “I am sorry to have to tell you but your ailments are caused by the covid vaccines that the government told you it was your duty to take. I will, of course, treat each condition – if you get others in the future – to the best of my ability. I fear not all the adverse effects caused by the vaccines are reversible.” A conversation such as this would at least help establish a mature doctor/patient relationship.

    You cannot share your concerns with your colleagues. Nor can you have in depth discussions with other doctors about treatment strategies. Nor do you have the feeling that you are backed up by the authorities who are doing everything in their power to identify the best approach to the numerous health problems that the covid vaccines cause.

    If you resign from the NHS and set up a private practice, perhaps with like minded colleagues, specifically to treat the vaccine injured then I imagine the medical authorities would decide to try and stop you – as they have other doctors.

    I wish you the very best of luck and have enormous sympathy for your predicament

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  8. I gather that one group which is least likely to have taken the injection is PhDs, presumably the science PhDs. I declined it for the obvious reasons and heard from a few other well-educated people who’d done the same. I’m 68, semi-retired, in good health, on no medication – in the UK, to be undrugged past aged 65 seems rare.

    I spent two years wondering on and off if I’d ever get COVID. After all, some people seemed immune. Then in April 2022, *Bingo*. Or rather … a gentle cough 2-3 x a day for a few days, a very slight chill and a sore throat. After 4-5 days, totally over. No wonder Gates said ‘sadly it’s acting as a [rather good] vaccine’. (He claims on Twitter to have caught COVID and to be vaccinated and boosted … who knows. All I know is that Gates looks about 80 and is only aged 65 or 66 … we can but hope.)

    Three unjabbed friends, my age or younger, have had a (presumably) Omicron experience more like mild to normal flu, i.e. a bit unpleasant. I fear they have underlying health issues which they’re unaware of. It’s hard to get through to people who think they’re ~98-100% healthy.

    I had ‘Russian flu’ in 1977. It was a horror; I needed a week’s bed rest. COVID for me was a nonentity. Overall, I hope I’m substantially immune for life to both flu and now corona viruses. No jabs needed.

    I think I heard that Dr Sam White is exploring setting up a parallel health system. I hope that good doctors of all ages, e.g. Drs. Grimes, Myhill, Unwin, Kendrick and TCP can get something going. I’m moving to a practice where one partner expressed disquiet about the COVID jab in March 2021. Everyone should try their best to find a decent doctor within 20-30 km … you can be outside their ‘catchment area’ so long as you don’t want home visits.

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  9. Fantastic read. I’m under the care of 3 consultants. One I’ve always highly respected. But no more. I dread going to hospital appointments as I’m usually the only one in there not wearing a mask. Even all the staff do these days sat behind those poxy plastic screens, speaking to you over a tannoy so everyone can hear your personal details being read out. What happened to GDPR the NHS so proudly said they were passionate the about? I was once asked by 4 members of staff if I ‘was ok to wear a mask?’ How dumb are people to not see that after 2 and a bit years, you’re still being asked to wear a mask?

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  10. This is the first time I’ve come across TCP and I’m so glad I have; a stunning overarching piece on our last two years. Thank you so much. Indeed, your patients are lucky folk!
    Each find of a MWS – medic with sense – is uplifting; the only way I can see is getting through these times to a world without the intended aberrant agendas is to increase our numbers and know we are many and ‘they’ – the agenda makers – few.
    I applaud with awe your daily courage and heart in standing strong in your practice.
    Looking forward to reading more!

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  11. This article is absolutely brilliant. I am a retired GP with prior Biochemistry BSc. I was taught the scientific method & critical thinking. From day 1, I could not believe that the government could be so stupid as to put in place the totally ridiculous pandemic measures & saw through all the BS. Investigation led to confirmation that science was not on their side & I have tried, relentlessly & on social media to point out the fallacies & the dangers inherent in an untried drug that was obviously going to modify our genetic material. All of my fears have been confirmed & I have seen friends & family members injured & killed by the shots. Few are making the connection with the shots just as you have experienced. Thank you for this article. I am amazed & impressed that you can maintain such high levels of restraint, when dealing with your patients & colleagues. It must be profoundly frustrating & distressing for you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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  12. Aloha, I have lived in Hawaii for over 40 years – a very healthy and alternative place of a mostly free thinking people. I was absolutely astounded by how many fell for this shit show. It was the hardest part for me. Friends who I had know for years and thought to be highly intelligent ,hoodwinked hook line and sinker even after many attempts at getting them to read the scientific data that could at that time still be dug up…simply unbelievable. I am done trying and have resigned myself to just communicate with the few and far peoples of the World who actually do understand what has just taken place in the last two years. Most are in agreement that there is little that can be done except sticking together till the bloody end. Thank you for being unapologetically intelligent and sticking to it. We need all who are still aware 💚

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  13. Yet another excellent entry in your fascinating series. So glad that there are people on the inside of the NHS, like you. So sad that you are outnumbered by those who are part of the problem. Please keep them coming, your work is invaluable.

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  14. I’ve read many of your posts. You are a beacon of light for those that can see you. Things aren’t much better here in the States. I have watched and read in horror over my own friends and family getting jabbed…despite my protestations. Luckily, my best friend and significant other were smart enough on their own not to want to be poisoned. Now, with the jab shedding taking place, I keep reading about the un-jabbed getting sick around the jabbed. This just appears to be a never ending nightmare, mostly likely by design. Now that the convid hysteria has subsided, the monkeypox hysteria is being ramped up. Don’t even get me started on the WHO treaty…

    Bless you, sweetie. Fight the good fight.

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  15. I spent 5 minutes in a Welsh shoe shop yesterday trying to convince a 20-something salesgirl that removing her mask was more beneficial for her immune system and her mental well-being than wearing it. She told me that she is terrified – her word – of catching covid. I tried to explain that she probably already had got it and that her immune system had dealt with it. She listened politely but the mask remained on. It is terrible what they have done to people. Evil.

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  16. I haven’t seen my GP since 2018 – well before the current difficulties, of course, but I too wonder if I’ll ever consult an NHS doctor again. My doctor has become a burnt-out dogmatist. She was a nice woman, once, and perhaps even open to new information, but the NHS has beaten that attitude out of her.

    My hope is that TCP opens a Substack account and becomes a functional medical practitioner. I think there’s a shortage of functional medicine *doctors* in the UK – plenty of advisers and nutritionists, but very few people with bang-up medical qualifications who know their biochemistry and anatomy backwards and have dealt with medical emergencies.

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  17. Thank you. That’s an exceptionally well written piece of work. I hope you don’t mind, but I forwarded it to someone who ‘reads epic threads’ and creates podcasts/videos from them. Probably nothing will come of it, but this deserves more exposure… who knows.

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  18. Excellent blog post – how do we find GPs like yourself? I try not to visit them, haven’t been since 2010 but if I did need one, I don’t trust most of them one inch! I wondered if you asked your hypertensive patient when he noticed his blood pressure rising again? As a homeopath, we ask our clients, “Can you recall anything different or significant happening about the time that your problem started?” I’ve never known a medical doctor ask that sort of question. I worked as an NHS paediatric medical secretary and also in a private GP practice for a while, and never did I hear that question being asked, especially with children who “suddenly” developed ASD/autism, eczema, asthma and the like. These things often start after a childhood vaccine…

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    1. This is a great find channel and want to belong here. Me, hubby and daughter remained unvaxxed here in the Philippines and have no plans of getting one. We have new administration coming in after our recent election, but heard the same narrative of vaccination as their course against the pandemia. Am glad my family got connected to Concerned
      Doctors And Citizens Channel, a group of doctors, lawyers, professionals and individuals here in our country who strongly oppose to the practice and protocols of our Department of Health in response to this covid thing. More challenges are yet to come. Me and hubby are both seniors now. My daughter gets a monthly RT-PCR test as a requirement for being (the only) unvaxxed in the office. May we be able to stand resolutely strong till the end in this fight with the Lord in our side. Shalom!

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    2. Re. Germ or Terrain: Yes, Vanessa. Will publish it this week. Thank you for your interest. Apologies to all for the erroneous and premature notification of a draft version. 🙏🏼


  19. Since researching dog vaccinations 10 years ago I woke up to the corrupt pharmaceuticals pushing for unnecessary annual vaccinations and many conventional vets having no idea about immunology. At the time my great nephew was diagnosed with autistic traits and my niece was adamant her child’s personality changed after the first MMR but she went on to complete the course for her boy as she trusted the professionals. So, I researched autism as well and horrified to discover the number of jabs children are given today. I am not particularly well educated but the research I did made me know without any hesitation that I would not have the covid injections. I’m 65, my last vaccination was when I was 14 for Rubella and a week later I contracted German measles. I have never taken antibiotics and apart from well women stuff not seen a GP in over 10 years. I’m lucky, I’ve always enjoyed good health and trusted my immune system should covid have come my way. I have been more terrified this last two years of being admitted to hospital, wrongly treated and hounded for not being vaccinated than actually getting Covid.
    I’m glad to have read this blog, what a great GP and the comments by others have reassured me as I’m the only one in my family and circle of friends to be vaccine free, me and my dog!

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  20. As a fellow GP I couldn’t agree with you more. Well written and insightful stuff – God bless you – I think it’s important that you know you’re not alone in your observations and concerns. Approximately 60 yellow card reports and speaking frankly about unknown side effects (including possibility of death) with those who sought my advice was how I played this nightmarish game. Those who didn’t, well, I’m not sure they would’ve heeded my advice anyways. I managed to save a handful of people from the jabs (including my family, bar one who took it and died within a few weeks) who are eternally grateful having now seen the harms they’ve caused to their friends, family and colleagues.
    It feels like it’s all over now but we have the vaccine injured and there are protocols to deal with this which seem to help.
    Some other GPs and I are trying to think how we can help and do more, maybe raise awareness of and help those with vaccine injuries and develop a platform for like-minded GPs; of whom there are many but sadly voiceless.
    I, too, lament that I’m an NHS employee but I refuse to have my morals and logic dictated to me by it and try to cling to trustworthy evidence based medicine, the difficulty of which has become oh so more apparent.
    Get in touch, maybe we could grab lunch and brainstorm.

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  21. What a great read and what a brilliant doctor you obviously are. I am an NHS nurse of 40 years. My background is Critical Care and I remain un-jabbed after contracting and recovering from Covid in Nov 2020. I did my research at the beginning and looked after my immune system and it looked after me when I needed it. I have felt so alone at times as the people I work with, and used to think were intelligent and questioning individuals, have followed the narrative – even to the point of taking part in TV propaganda! A few of them are only now starting to question but many are still of the belief that the jab has been the best things since sliced bread. What a sad bunch. I do wonder if they will ever awaken or just continue to jump off the cliff like the lemmings they are.

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